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My name is Andrew Holland and I am the owner of The Self Defence For the last 5 years, I have written articles on self-defence and martial arts that have been read by over 300,000 people. 

Not only am I a Judo black belt, a former boxer, fitness instructor and experienced in numerous martial arts, I am a police veteran with over 17 years experience.  I have seen the realities of violence first hand!

“When The British Judo  Association and BBC Radio 2 Needed an Expert in Self Defence They Came To Me”

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Let Me Tell You How I  Came To Learn What I Know And How It Will Help You

I  was just 18 years of age when I joined the police. 10 Stone in body weight and I had a few years of boxing behind me. However, the realities of violence soon shocked me. People did not just 'come quietly'.  They put up a real fight! 

I got fed up of being thrown around and simply just struggling with people, so I had to find a solution. So I turned to the martial arts and discovered that each and every art had serious flaws. Boxing had no grappling, Judo had no striking and MMA was just too  sport focused. I researched every art there was and tried most of them. 

However after years of training in multiple martial arts I discovered just what worked in a real situation, and I was able to alter completely my training to focus on these key areas and I am going to share this to you for free!

The Truth is that Self Defence has very little to do with learning and studying a lot of techniques, it is all about training a few core areas and your skills will rapidly increase. Knowing what these areas is will change your game.  But this is not all, you need to have the tactical knowledge to know what to do in certain situations. The picture above is footage of me training at an old seminar where I was invited to teach at the UK's largest martial arts event

Some Facts About Me

    • Joined the Police At 16 Years of Age As a Cadet
    • Became  Full Time Officer At 18
    • Was British Police Boxing Champion
    • British Police Judo Champion Kyu Grade Divsion
    • Judo Black Belt
    • Qualified Fitness Instructor
    • Former Pro Boxing Inspector
    • Appeared on BBC Radio  2 as a Self Defence Expert
    • Training in Vale Tudo and Grappling
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