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Welcome to one of the fastest growing blogs on martial arts in the world.  The Self Defence Expert Blog has undergone a lot of changes since its birth 16 months ago and it is known as a blog that has gone from 11 visitors a day to 3000. It is read by industry experts, magazine editors and personal trainers across the world and its pages have even been shared by Olympic Gold Medal Winners.

Started by Self Defence and Martial Arts expert Andrew Holland it has been featured on BBC Radio 2 on the Jeremy Vine Show and numerous other magazines. Its founder a Judo black belt, Boxer, Former Pro Boxing Official and Fitness Instructor has written for several magazines and been interviewed by numerous Radio Shows.

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In addition to the founders articles you will find a range of other articles by some of the finest names in the self defence and martial arts industry. Named in the to 50 self defence blogs in the world, The Self Defence Expert.com continues to grow on a daily basis.

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This blog represents the thoughts and opinions of the author. He does not represent any organisation or group with his views.

The blog is designed to promote constructive discussion around the martial arts, self defence techniques, martial arts entertainment and training techniques. It is appreciated that some will not agree with the views here and I urge those with a differing opinion to post comments and opinions to create healthy debate.

Here is some more footage of the founder of this Blog in action

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