How To Escape When You Are Tied Up!

Click here to learn how to escape

Click here to learn how to escape


How To Escape When you have been tied up


I dont think anything scares me as much as the thought of being tied up. Its true, no matter how good at martial arts you are, once tied up thats it, its all over!!!

As a result of this fear I decided to go and take a look at a  few courses that there are available on escape and evasion. To be honest the escape part is the bit I really wanted to look into and I stumbled onto this guy called Jason Hanson. Now, I took his sales page with a pinch of salt as there are literally so many sales pages out there that promise the earth, but then I watched his youtube video below and was blown away. Check out how to escape from Duct tape below- awesome!

Duct tape is cheap and I think this drill brings an extra element of fun to any self defence class.

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To learn more about the escape course click here or simply try the above drill out in your self defence classes tonight!

Click here to learn how to escape

Click here to learn how to escape


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