Gemma Gibbons Judo- An example to us all

It is without doubt that today on 2nd August2012 that no one expected Gemma Gibbons to be facing Kayla Harrison, however this is exactly what happened at the Excel Arena in London.

To say that Judo in the UK has found a new hero is an understatement. Here, this young female has shocked a nation that has underperformed in the Olympics over recent years. Yet what is important is the manner in which Gemma showed her skills. Despite facing fighters that many say were stronger than her, taller than her, faster and more skilled. Gemma found a way to win. That is what Judo is all about, finding a way to win and using the opponents strengths against them.

The guts and spirit on display today will take a long time to clear the memory of the British public. Now it is on to win a world title and get Gold at the next Olympics.

British Judo is back!

Well done Gemma Gibbons Olympic Silver Medallist. Well done British Judo.

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