KFM- Continues without Andy Norman

Its amazing that having only published my article on KFM and the departure of Andy Norman a few hours ago, that I have had not 1 but 2 emails from KFM instructors across the globe. Yes and I  do mean different continents not just countries!

They wanted me to clear a few things up (as best as they can).

So the story seems to be that although Andy Norman has left KFM, it is still a business and there are a team of UK instructors out there still teaching. There is a new keysi website at http://www.kfm-world.com/ however this is just a front page with photos of Justo at the moment but you can see that it will be similar to the other site they used to use.

So what caused the split, I still don’t know. How will Keysi as a business develop? I have no idea. However what is clear is that Keysi in the UK will continue. How it will change and develop still remains uncertain and who is in camp Andy and who is in camp Justo still has yet to fully emerge.

It is an interesting situation of which I wish both Justo, Andy and their systems Keysi and Defence Lab all the best.






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