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Combat Training Tips From Peter Sciarra- A New Interview

[su_heading size=”25″] AN INTERVIEW WITH PETER SCIARRA[/su_heading]  Peter Sciarra is one of the worlds best self defence instructors, with a great combination of speed, skill and experience he really is awesome to watch in action (check out the videos) and I thought it would be great to do another interview with Peter to ask him about […]

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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING?High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) occurs when exercise is performed in such a way that you are recovering from the oxygen deficit (you panting for air) for many hours longer than the period you were exercising. This intense exercise has now caused excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), […]

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What I Think I Know After 20 Years of Teaching Women’s Self Defense

This is a guest Article by Chris Roberts of SAFE International. Chirs is an excellent coach and his ethics are among the highest in the self defense world. This article provides valuable insights into the teaching of self protection on a professional level. October 14, 2013, Toronto, Canada – In this SAFE International Self Defense article […]

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