The Return of Kesa Gatame- Dean Lister Taps Out to It!

kesa gatame


Kesa Gatame or as many people call it- The Scarf Hold is a staple of Judo training from the first lesson. It is also seen in Wrestling where there is no doubt it would have first been seen and where it is called the Head and Arm hold.

Now for those that know the power of Kesa gatame and have felt it from a specialist in the hold you will know that it feels like your whole body is being crushed at the same time as you are being asphyxiated. It is so brutal  that it was  banned by most government agencies in their restraint programmes. Yet with the advances in BJJ techniques where by everyone raves about going inverted, tornado guards and the like it was  good old fashioned Wrestling that dominated ( and I do mean totally one sided) one of the worlds best grapplers in the latest Metamoris event.

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Former UFC champion and well known catch wrestler Josh Barnett took on one of the worlds best grapplers Dean Lister. A man who hadnt been submitted for 16 years! This was a classic match up which you can watch below (until it gets removed). Josh the bigger man came in looking out of shape and slightly reminiscent of Dan Severn with his black trunks yet he made this a one sided fight.

The final submission comes right at the end but please take a look at it, watch the power of kesa gatame in action. In a world where the rear naked choke gets so much press its nice to see an old school move back in fashion.

Remember that wrestling and Judo are designed not to put a person in another grapplers guard. They are all about throws and takedowns where the thrower ends up past the legs where brutal moves like kesa gatame can be applied.

I have a lot of respect for Jiu Jitsu but all fights start on the feet not on the ground.  Judo and similar arts including Sambo were developed without the reliance on the guard game and it  a factor worth considering.

Enjoy the match and below that video is Judo Olympian Matt d Aquino showing how to do kesa gatame

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