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10 Reasons Why Martial Arts Lessons Make a Great Christmas Gift for Children


[su_heading size=”25″]10 Reasons You Need to Give Your Child Martial Arts Lessons as a Gift This Christmas[/su_heading]


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Christmas is upon us and many of you will be thinking about getting children gifts. From consoles to Barbie dolls we give our children the most expensive gifts we can afford in the hope they will wake up on Christmas morning and be happy and in turn as parents we feel we have done our job.

But in a few months (days in some cases) the presents get thrown in a corner and the human desire for new ‘stuff’ comes into play. Its a natural consumer process driven by advertising and basically kids being kids.

However what if I told you there was a present you could go out and buy today and give your child that lasted a long time!!! One that not only your children would love but also you would really like. Yes there is, and its called the gift of Martial Arts!!

In this post I will tell you 10 reasons why as a parent you need to provide the gift of martial arts this Christmas and as instructors how you can package your gift so parents want it!!

[su_heading size=”25″]1. Because Bullying is an Issue and Martial Arts Can Help[/su_heading]

Bullying exists and it causes tears and heartache and in some cases death. Martial arts isnt the total answer to bullying but it can help. There is no doubt that bullying often involves violence and this can take the form of punching in the arm, threat of being beaten up to serious assault. According to the Tellus 4 national report and the NHS 46% of  children say they have been bullied at some point in their life.  Martial arts training will give a child the confidence to stand up to a bully and report him/her to a teacher or an adult. This is a fundamental part of a good martial arts school. Training to avoid violence and deal with it in a responsible manner.

[su_heading size=”25″]2. Because unwrapping a present and finding a martial arts uniform inside is awesome!![/su_heading]

Yes we all love a box and when your child opens this box you will find a martial arts T shirt or uniform with a small poster or certificate that tells the child what they are going to learn with youtube links to a video or website with footage. Really good instructors will film a welcome DVD and include it in the price and also have it in the box so your child can see the instructors and learn exactly what they are going to be learning in the new year. I would personally include a brief lesson on how to bow or salute etc. Trust me this is an amazing gift that the kids will love (instructors get your packaging right)

[su_heading size=”25″]3. Your Child is going to Get Active [/su_heading]

Yes obesity is an issue for children and after Christmas with so much chocolate about we can all get into bad habits, dont let your child become a victim of obesity and get them active in something that isnt about team sport (where children can hide). Martial arts forces the individual child to learn how to control their body far beyond that which school PE lessons teach them.

[su_heading size=”25″]4. Respect[/su_heading]

Kids lack respect these days and I dont care how many people disagree, you can see this from the way they behave. All you have to do is walk behind a group of kids and you will hear them swear, snipe and gripe about other kids. From what they wear to what they drink, to who they socialise with. Children are under pressure to fit in and this causes ‘bitchyness’. Martial arts changes this because it teaches respect. From day one kids learn that everyone is an equal no matter what skin colour they are, how much money they have or how fashionable they are. They learn it on day one when they salute, bow or learn to shake hands and thank the peer for the practise. Its simple but its a really effective educational tool

[su_heading size=”25″]5. Self Defence[/su_heading]

It runs a along side bullying but when some horrible child confronts your son or daughter in an alleyway on the way home wouldnt you want your child to be equipped with the skills to get home safe and sound? Being able to protect yourself is a life skill that schools dont teach. Give your children that gift this christmas

[su_heading size=”25″]6. Its Affordable[/su_heading]

We hear it all the time, martial arts cost too much!!!! Are you kidding me, I went to TGI Fridays and spent £44 on a meal for 2 adults and a 4 year old and a 2 year old. And people moan about spending £40 to £50 for a childs martial arts training. The simple truth is that martial arts gives amazing value because of what it delivers. Respect, improved behaviour, athletic ability, self defence, fitness to name but a few. Compared to football or dance the martial arts are amazing value for money and most schools offer ‘cancel at any time’ contracts should your child lose interest, but with a great school its not likely to happen.

[su_heading size=”25″]7. You Will See your Child Smile Like Never Before-Because they did it on their own! [/su_heading]


My Son at Judo
My Son at Judo


This is a photo of my little 4 year old boy Noah after he won a Judo medal. Thats pride in his smile. My smile is even bigger. Martial arts is an activity which requires the child to perform on their own. So when they achieve a grade or a medal they will know they did it on their own. The smile of pride is one parents know well, and your child will feel proud of their achievements. Just make sure you have a camera at the ready!!

[su_heading size=”25″]8. Concentration[/su_heading]

Its not Hard to do but its easy to lose. Concentration is a skill that children develop and some are better than others but in martial arts they have to concentrate and not drift off otherwise they never learn.  The reason why martial arts students have great concentration is because of the fast feedback loop. The coach shows a move and the students try it, but when they cant do it (pretty much straight away) they have to listen and focus to get it right. They try again and it might be better, so they listen again and again and keep trying and they get it right!! Thats martial arts for you. It gives feedback straight away and rewards concentration and effort.

[su_heading size=”25″]9. Martial Arts is a Different Gift![/su_heading]

Every kids gets dolls and computers but not every kids gets martial arts lessons. Your child (and you the parent) will have a gift that is very unique and will stand out. Watch on xmas day how your child suddenly turns into the Karate Kid before your very eyes by donning his outfit out of the box. Its quirky, its different and its fun!!

[su_heading size=”25″]10. Because martial arts teach your child that if they get knocked down 7 times they Get up 8![/su_heading]

Life is tough, its unforgiving and hard but martial arts teach your child to overcome adversity in a safe environment. Yes some times they will fail a grading, sometimes they will cry and every now and again they will lose. But whats important is that they give it their all and get up and try again. MARTIAL ARTS TEACH THIS.


So there you have it, 10 Reasons you Need to give the Gift of Martial Arts to Your Child This Christmas as always please like and share

side note for instructors- you need to get your martial arts presents packaged well. Include t shirts/uniform, a certificate, a badge and a dvd and you will get sign ups and leads



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