August 31

18/9/2012 UFC 152 JONES V BELFORT


Ok now I have to say I was a bit upset when I heard that the UFC had cancelled their Jon Jones v Dan Henderson fight because Henderson pulled out following an injury. However they saved the day when they announced that on 18/9/2012 Jon Jones will fight Vitor Belfort.

This promises to be a real scrap as Belfort who has moved back up the light heavy weight has the one punch power and speed to cause Jones some real issues. That being said Jones has height, reach, youth, speed and technique on his side as well. So in my opinion this is a win for Jones.

I am a massive Belfort Fan so it hurts to have to give the nod for this one to Jones. But as is the norm for here are some great videos to showcase both Jones and Belfort. The first is an old video of Jon Jones in a grappling match, the second is Belfort training and talking about the fight.



An interesting side bar to this fight is the fact that Jon Jones was supposed to fight Chael Sonnon but refused, it is alleged that Jones was offered the fight to save the UFC 151 Card but in the end said no! Not sure what that is all about but take a look at what Chael has to say. This is well worth watching! Jones it seems didn’t want to fight Sonnon.


You have to love Chael Sonnon. Characters like him really do make the UFC so entertaining.

Anyway the pick for UFC 152 Jones V Belfort has to be Jones in my humble opinion. I really want Belfort to win and I hope he does but on a technical basis I have to say Jones has it in every area. As for Jones refusing to fight Sonnon, well that seemed an odd decision for the career of Jones.

We shall soon see what happens. I will keep you posted with more news as I get it.




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