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Awareness Training Tool- Its Brilliant and its free!!!

THIS FREE TOOL COULD BECOME A MUST HAVE AND USE ACROSS THE GLOBE! YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST AT WWW.THESELFDEFENCEEXPERT.COM If you are training in martial arts or self defence then awareness training is the most important aspect. It really is that simple! However it can be very difficult to train awareness. I have in previous years analysed fights on you tube and discussed the science behind things but quite […]

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My Motivation…If found please return – by Michelle Fighting Back

This is another guest article from the brilliant motivational speaker and martial artists Michelle, who can found at, I suggest you check out her work and book her for some motivational speaking at your gyms, schools or dojos. Trust me she is brilliant! I am certain we can all relate to this article. Don’t forget to comment below and share your motivation […]

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  Hi Folks,   This isn’t really a post packed with information but is actually a suggestion/advert. The Self Defence actually has a sister site known as Judokafighter. It is a free Judo and grappling training video site and has the best Judo technique videos on the web all in one place. So if you […]

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