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A Review Of Strength Training for Judo E book


Review of Strength Training for Judo E book Package

Some time ago I was fat, yes I was, hard as it was hard for me to believe but I had really let myself go. I weighed over 90 kilos, was out of shape and getting owned by people on the Judo mat simply due to my conditioning. My skill level was getting better but as a shift worker with a family, the people that could go to class 3 times a week were beating me after a few minutes of training.  I was just so tired all the time.

I was getting fed up of being beaten, fed up of being thrown and fed up of losing. As a result I trawled the internet looking for fitness answers to my problem. Don’t get me wrong, I had great coaches but when I was only going to practise once every 3 weeks I needed some help.

I came across a whole truck load of you tube clips from an Australian Guy. I had never heard of him before but did some digging and his name was Matt D Aquino. I really liked his stuff and he was an International Judo player so that made me listen even harder. Clearly he not only taught, he was actively competing in top class events as well.So I did the usual internet thing. I visited his site and signed up for his newsletter. Then I really started to get into the stuff this guy was saying.

Firstly it was written in plain language, nothing to fancy or pushy. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything but he was providing me with regular email newsletters and fitness tips and free videos galore. Not just a few dodgy DVD clips but real detailed you tube videos that explained techniques and fitness drills. Here’s the link below if you want to check out his work

Now after some time as a subscriber I got an email offering me an e book called Work Outs for Judo. This was put together by Matt which I have reviewed before. However the book set me on a road to getting fit again. It provided me with a series of results that lead me to lose weight and drop down 10 kilos!  Now not only is this true but here is some footage of me fighting, click the link to see the results of workouts for Judo which I followed along with some dieting to get down from the under 90 kilos division to under 81 kilos!

So when I heard Matt was putting out a book on Judo strength I jumped at it straight away and got his premium package which had a ton of free gifts included as well.

Personally this is another area I have been dominated in. Strength does matter in Judo, if you ever get on the mat with a person who has competed at International level then you will know they have serious strength and once they get a grip of you it is just a matter of time. I hate feeling dominated so this book immediately got my attention.

The Book is called Strength Training for Judo and is a very fast download. Now if you are new to downloading a book this shouldn’t stop you as Matt makes the process very easy and professional. The book takes a short time to down load and you have all the free extras as well.


Now onto the book

Ok now I have to say I opened it up and was very impressed with the sheer number of pages. 200 to be precise!! The book is a guide to almost every strength related exercise out there and if you are new to strength training then this is for you. The sheer depth of the information is amazing as it doesn’t just show how to train but gives exercise programmes, methods of training and high quality photos showing every move. I will say that this is just pure strength training, no cardio work or anything like that but the book is designed for Judoka to meet their needs. Many Judoka never bother with this type of training and it’s a shame and as such have no knowledge of strength training.

If you are reading this then you can get this book and treat it as your strength bible. There are literally so many different exercises with so many different items of kit then you will never be bored and your knowledge will be equal to most fitness trainers. I know this as I am a qualified fitness trainer and the qualification had less techniques involved than are contained within the e book Strength Training for Judo.

I can’t imagine ever getting bored with this book. It contains a great deal of written information as well as photos. Some of the topics covered include breathing techniques, strength training principles, multiple warm ups then there are the exercises. Chest, Shoulders, leg, back, arm and my favourite part the core! Everyone struggles with core training yet here is a bible of exercises to choose from that will help get you toned. We then have advanced exercises, Injury prevention exercises, and finally a whole host of training programmes. Like I said, this book is amazing. I have a lot of fitness books and this beats them all.

Free Products

Now as with all of Matt’s products the book is only part of the package and as such I’m going to review the package as whole. If you get his premium package you will get all the add on’s.

Matt Gives away 3 free products

His preparing for competition e book, Medicine Ball Workouts and Speed and agility for Judo

OK I enjoyed the strength training book, it’s a great reference guide that I will keep on my shelf and go back to again and again but the speed training book and the Competition prep book are simply out of this world. These go beyond mere free add gifts and actually make the package simply amazing.

These are shorter books but don’t think that doesn’t make them amazing. The preparation book goes into how Matt actually gets ready for his events including the weigh in, putting his kit bag together and even into the warm up room. I personally have picked up one tip from this book that matt learned form a very experienced Judoka. I won’t say what, but it was to do with a problem I was having when I got tired. As soon as I read it I clicked and thought yep, the same happens to me and I can’t wait to try the new warm up. This book was literally like going into the mind of an Olympic Judo athlete. How rare is that!!!

Now I have been around my fair share of elite athletes, I have graced the dressing rooms of world champion boxers, met many Olympians and never have any of them opened themselves up to such an extent, yet here you have it, an Olympian sharing how he prepares for an event. His weight cutting advice alone is well worth the price of this package. This book is not just educational but interesting as well.

The other add on was the speed book. Now I happen to be very fast anyway however that is mainly due to my many years boxing where hand and foot speed is essential over strength. Now this book contains numerous drills and exercises that can assist and help you to get quicker. The information is short but sweet in this book and the drills will help you to get faster. That can’t be bad.

The Medicine Ball workout guide is great and coming from a boxing background it was a nice refresher with some unusual twists. As a boxer for 15 years I grew up using a medicine ball; however I’ve never seen one used in a Judo session. They are a totally misunderstood tool. Here Matt reveals some good uses of the equipment.

The whole package is a great reference guide to all exercises for training and is fantastic for personal trainers and coaches along with Judoka and other grapplers. It’s a total guide to Strength training from warm ups, to the types of training and what can happen if you over train and then exercises for all major muscle groups. Combined with the bonus gifts you can’t go wrong with this book. Simply get a ton of paper and then print it out and stick it in a file to go back to during your entire career.

Now I know my stuff. I was an official for world championship boxing and hold a first Dan in Judo. I’m also a very experienced boxer and qualified fitness trainer. Matt has written about things I’ve never seen before and that is saying something because I have seen a lot. In any case this book is a pure bible of strength related exercises and knowledge which I know I will keep for years and refer back to again and again. I can’t wait for Matt to be picked up by a major publisher and see all his products out there in every book shop. They deserve it!! If you want to get a product that really is high on value and low on cost that will help get you stronger. Then Check out strength training for Judo.

So my rating is a whopping 5 stars Gold medal winner.

If you don’t get this book your opponents may and may be adding strength training to their game right now

To find out more information about this product click here

or  just click on the image!

And if you needed any more convincing here is Matts CV

Matthew D’Aquino is a 3rd Dan Black belt and is passionate about all forms of grappling. Matt has been studying Judo for 20 years and has represented Australia at 8 Continental Championships, 4 World Championships and competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Matt has also competed in various World Cups, Grand Slams and Grand Prixs all over the world. He has trained in some of the hardest dojos in the world, including Yong Inn University in Korea, Tokai University in Japan, INCEP in France, Pollymunka in the Czech Republic and Sankaku Club in Slovenia.

Career highlights:

  • · Being the first and only Australian Male to win the Pac Rim Championships in 2009
  • · 1st Place St Gallen Tournament in Switzerland
  • · 3rd Place USK Cup Prague, Czech Republic
  • · Multiple Oceania Champion
  • · Multiple Australian champion
  • · World Cup Champion
  • · 17th 2010 World Championships Tokyo
  • · 7th Miami World Cup, US Open and El Salvador World Cup 2011

Matt also competes in Freestyle Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu competitions in and around Australia. His career highlights include:

  • · 1st No-Gi Purple-belt Submission Grappling National championship -67kg
  • · 1st Royler Gracie Cup Purple belt 2009 -74kg
  • · 2nd National Freestyle Wrestling Championships -60kg




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