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A Review Of Eddie Quinn’s The Approach Online Training Course


Over the years, I have had a wide variety of products sent to my desk for review and rarely have I seen the instructors in action with my own eyes.

So when my friend Eddie Quinn put his online training on offer, I grabbed his special home training bundle immediately.

And here is the review of that home training package.

What Is In The Bundle?

Eddie has packaged together 4 great courses for his Ultimate Home Study bundle.

These are:

The Original Approach

The Approach Seminar with Eddie Quinn

The Approach Training Drills and Interviews

The Approach 360

I am going to break down each course for you and then give my views on the training as a whole.

The Original Approach Review

This course weighs in at a whopping 29 videos each lasting a few minutes.

This is a good thing.

I personally hate long drawn out self-defence videos with a lot of dialogue... self-defence is about taking rapid action and as such these videos get to the point in seconds.

And I love that.

Even the background video that Eddie does gives you the story of The Approach in minutes.

The course then takes you through his original Approach syllabus, with each video building on the next. From using the forearms to body mechanics and pad drills.

This course is really in-depth in that you learn the basics of The Approach, but make no mistake those basics are devastating.

The content consists of teaching you 4 techniques that when blended together, create a super-powerful combination of forearm, backhand, elbow and then a kind of assisted elbow.

Which in itself isn't groundbreaking. But it is HOW you deliver the strikes so rapidly and with such power that makes the difference.

The sheer speed is quite shocking.

You also get a range of pad drills to follow for dealing with one and multiple attackers.

This course is without down one of the best I have seen on the market.

The Approach 360: Online Course Review

The second course contained within this online package is The Approach 360.

This course is something I would describe as a self-defence course based on The Approach.

Eddie covers things such as tactics and principles of self-defence and of course, adds how you would realistically use The Approach in self-defence.

But I would also describe this course as The Approach 2.0

It is the original approach refined and improved, along with some additional strategies.

From stance to body mechanics, you can see in the videos that Eddie has taken what he learned from teaching the original Approach to thousands of students and has both improved the system and delivery of that training.

In essence, the original Approach gives you the basics. The Approach 360 builds on those basics and makes you even better.

These tips are designed to gain you more significant benefits in power development and speed.

Video 18 is pure gold and where you will learn about Lucille.

This is a new technique in The Approach and is simply devastating, and if you add this to your arsenal of techniques, you will have one of the most powerful self-defence strikes there is.

With over 27 videos in the course and a range of bonus material that includes yet more content, this course packs a punch and is, without doubt, my favourite.

The Approach Training Drills and Interviews: Course Review

This course contains 25 videos and is pretty much what it says on the tin.

It is a collection of training drills and a few interviews to make the most of The Approach.

I would describe this course is not how to use The Approach but drills that you can add to your training.

The good part of this is that your home or class training will  be able to get even more from The Approach and begin to develop more power and improve on your technique through repetition.

This course is again a superb resource for anyone interested in self-defence.

The Approach Seminar with Eddie Quinn: Review

This final resource is over 1 hour 50 minutes in length and is actually Eddie teaching a seminar to a range of students.

It is loaded with tips, tactics and commentary that you only get in a seminar environment where a teacher can flow naturally.

And this makes for the icing on the cake with this training bundle.

Does The Approach Work?

I have personally seen Eddie teach his Approach to people and have experienced it at the hands of one of his instructors.

And I am happy to say 'it scares me to death'.

It is so fast, powerful, direct and straightforward that I can see that the only way to counter it would be to take anyone that uses The Approach to the floor.

But that is no easy task, and you are going to ship a lot of punishment in the process. 

However, please don't use this as a negative against the technique, the way to counter any striking method is to get the opponent to the floor.  

Where The Approach shines, is that even if you have a person with a really great grappling skill base, the method of striking means that you are going to be able to make them seriously pay with their takedown attempt.

That being said, I just don't see how you aren't going to be out cold by someone using The Approach before they can take you down.


This training bundle is perhaps some of the best value for money courses I have ever seen in this industry.

Over 81 videos, as well as a near 2-hour seminar, would be worth $1000, especially when you consider that you are getting the most potent striking system I have ever seen.

In an industry where people are making self-defence more complicated than it needs to be, you have Eddie Quinn making it more simple, more practical and more powerful.

You won't be disappointed with this course and the value you get, and I highly recommend this training bundle.

Click here to grab a special deal on this massive training resource.

Thanks for reading.


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