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The Best Headgear for Boxing and Sparring (a Former Boxers Review)


Whether you’re a beginner to boxing or a keen amateur, it’s important to choose the right headgear to protect your head and face whilst you’re in the ring. 

Even the professionals need protection when they’re sparring, so we’ve done some research to find the best headgear out there to keep boxers of any level safe and reduce the risk of injury. 

Let’s dive in. 

Boxing Headgear Reviews

1 - Hayabusa T3 Headgear

A little pricier than the rest of the options on this list, this one may not be your first headgear, but you’ll find everything to your liking. With solid double straps on the back, this is going to stay in place to keep you protected.

2 - Title Platinum Series

A solid contender from a long-standing company, this headgear is well-made, well-cushioned and easy to adjust. The bad news is that it is not tournament approved, but it will take you a long way when practicing for competitions.

3 - Title Gel World Full-Face Headgear

Light, sturdy, and very reliable, the Title Gel uses a combination of foam and a patented gel to reduce impact. And, unlike the Titan Platinum, this one is tournament approved. But you’ll find it might slide a little bit on your head and it leaves you unprotected against nose strikes.

4 - TOP TEN Avantgarde Head Gear

Simple, sturdy and single-piece. The “Bayflex” material is better than foam at absorbing strikes, too. The only issue is that the velcro straps may not adjust it to your head as well as some of the others on this list. Nevertheless, it is worth considering when looking for headgear.

5 - Rival Traditional Headgear

A robust and also very affordable training headgear. All leather and a comfy interior means it will resist a lot of force. You may not be able to adjust your chin buckle with your gloves on, but that’s a small problem in an otherwise very good product.

6 - Ringside Master’s Competition Headgear

Easily the best protection money can buy. With a nice thick layer of padding that even extends to the nose (a rare trait for boxing headgear), you can take shots to the head all day and keep asking for more. If you’re a brawler, this is the best piece you’ll ever own; but if you like to work more conservatively, the limited peripheral vision could become a disadvantage.

7 - Rival D3O Intelli-Shock Gear

All-leather exterior, all-suede interior, metal buckles for the chin strap and improved peripheral vision means that it stays on, protects you where you need it and doesn’t slide around. It’s a costly piece, but it’s definitely worth it.

8 - Cleto Reyes Classic Headgear

The absolute best protection for straight punches you can get without a nose-bar. All leather, traditionally crafted, and reinforced cheek guards. Plus it comes in a variety of colours.

9 - Winning FG-5000

A nose-bar across the front, super wide face holes for excellent peripheral vision, and some of the best cushioning you can buy means this headgear will last as long as you will, and it’s so lightweight you won’t feel it’s there. It’s the most expensive headgear on this list, but it will stop absolutely everything your opponent can throw at it.

10 - Winning FG-2900

This one is simply the best all-around headgear available today. It takes everything about the FG-5000, but replaces the nose-bar with Mexican style cheek guards that hold up nearly as well. A little expensive as well, but definitely worth it.

Boxing Headgear: A Buyers Guide

There are many considerations when choosing the right boxing headgear for you; there's no single best feature to go for. Some choices mean trading off one benefit for another, so it all depends what will work best for you. 

AIBA Sanctioned Brands

If you're planning to take part in AIBA events and sanctioned events, you must use only AIBA sanctioned brands for your equipment.

The brands currently approved are Adidas, Wesing, Top Ten, Sting, Velo, Green Hill and Garmy. 


You must ensure you have properly fitting headgear so you get the best performance and protection from it.

It will need breaking in like any other piece of equipment, so it's important it fits correctly from the start. 

If it's too loose, it can slide around your head during sparring, hindering your vision so you might not see those big punches coming your way. 

Lining Material

The lining of your headgear will also have an impact on the fit and comfort level. 

Smooth vinyl linings can get slippery with sweat during sparring, meaning your headgear could slide and twist out of position. 

Suede or microfibre linings absorb moisture so won't get slippery, but the damp feeling of the fabric may put you off.


It's important to check out the chin straps and closures on a headguard before you buy it.  

A buckle chin strap will provide a more secure fit than a velcro strap, along with a lace up fastening at the top. 

Hook and loop style straps and top fastenings can stretch and become loose, meaning your headgear could slide when in use. 

Face Protection vs Visibility

The more padding coverage your headgear has, the more protection you get for your face, eyes and nose. 

However, this comes at the expense of your vision, as the bulky padding can impede your peripheral vision, so you might not see those hooks or uppercuts coming. 

The best defence will always be not getting hit, and heavier padding won't help with this, which is why competition headgear usually has small cheek pads and no nose or chin pad. 

Padding Material

Gel and foam are the most popular choices for headgear padding. 

Gel padding is better at holding its shape after repeated blows, but foam padding is more lightweight. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found our list of the best boxing headgear helpful, whether you’re just starting your boxing journey or you’re looking to upgrade your equipment. 

Boxing is a great way to keep fit, but it’s really important to protect yourself during any contact sports to prevent injury.  

Be sure to choose the right headgear to keep your head safe from concussion and other potential injuries to your head or face when you’re boxing, or even just sparring.


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