May 4

Brock Lesnar- Taking the Cage to the Ring


Hi folks,

A quick article here showing some video of Brock Lesnar. Now he is the real deal. A man who can fight for real and also can wrestle in the WWE. I wish him well if he goes back to the WWE and I do love wrestling so the martial arts world can and will gain followers from his return. Wrestling is the living comic strip of martial arts. Anyway, enjoy Brock putting some pain on Triple H. They say the arm broke? If it did it did. The WWE are experts at stuff like this so who knows and who cares. Its sports entertainment! And I love it, bring back Shamrock and I will be happy as well.

Here’s the clip

If you are into grappling,BJJ or Judo check out this clip as well

Grip Fighting Skills for Judo, BJJ and Russian Sambo


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