Combining Judo and Keysi Fighting Method

I personally never limit my self to just one martial art or self defence system. If I see something that I like, I study it and then add it to my own personal style. Although I do believe in studying systems in detail to gain an understanding of them you do not have to wait until you reach ‘black belt’ level to start to mix things together.

The clip below shows me using the Keysi fighting Method or KFM as it is know and Judo. The techniques are the Pensador and a version of Osoto Gari.. The clip was done a  while ago and is done in a static position whilst I was teaching the move. In real life it would be far more dynamic.

Please notice that there are some essential technical variations. However the Pensador cover is used to bridge the distance and get me into that ‘pocket’ of body space that allows me to use my grappling skills.

The actual osoto Gari or major outer leg reap is different. As I enter I come into the position I call ‘Impact Control’. This throw is all about control, I over lock the opponents right arm with my left and get a deep grip around his neck with the other. This allows me to control the opponents neck and head. This will stop severe injury but still allow impact. My throw is caused by a large twisting action. My tripping leg actually doesn’t do that much work.

Please notice my control of the attackers right arm also. This is now in an ideal position for locks and follow up control.

Hope you enjoy

Andrew Holland

Andrew Holland

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