August 13

Craig Fallon Master Class Seminar


With all the recent success of Team GB at the Olympics and the fantastic results of Karina Bryant and Gemma Gibbons in the Judo, it is all too easy to forget that only a few years ago there was a British Judo World Champion in the form of Craig Fallon.

Not only was the the world Judo Champion in 2005 he has won the European Championship and fought at 2 Olympics. Not bad going!

To understand the sheer size of his achievement you have to understand that Britain has only had 3 male world Judo champions! Ever!

Whilst some believe that the Olympics is a more special title to win, I have always felt that to be a World Champion is still the ultimate achievement in any sport. I guess part of me feels this way because of my long attachment with boxing. The Olympic title was always seen as a launching point to as career as a professional. The professional would then seek to become a world champion.Now many will disagree and it is just a viewpoint. My point being that we should never forget what an amazing achievement being a world champion in Judo actually is.

The Craig Fallon Master Class Seminar

Craig has now retired and is bringing his skills to a venue near you! He has just announced his master class seminar tour. In these master classes he will break down specific techniques so that you can master them for yourself. It is really a chance to get in depth instruction from a former world champion.

The first of these techniques to feature in his master class seminars is actually Tomoe Nage, The sacrifice throw that has been the hall mark of Judo and was actually the logo for the British Judo associations Olympic merchandise.

Craig will spend the day breaking down the technique of this very difficult to master throw so you can develop your own skill level and learn how to throw opponents!

He will personally teach you how he used this throw and how it has helped him to defeat numerous world class grapplers.

You will learn how to attack a person with Tomenage and the crucial details of when to break the balance of the opponent and finish the throw for the maximum score. This really is a master class in Tomeonage.

The first of these classes start of at the University of Walsall Campus on Sunday 2nd September 2012 and the cost is £35 per adult.

for more details see the link below

Craig Fallon TOMONAGE MASTER CLASS- Sunday 02nd Sept University of Wolverhampton Walsall Campus 10am-3pm- Contact [email protected] or Dave Elmore [email protected] for more info- BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!!

Now to finish I have a great video clip of Craig in Action- Take care


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