Revealed...The Proven Self-Defence Techniques and Tactics of an Ex-British Street Cop That You Can Use to Keep Yourself and Your Loved One's Safe.

If you would like to learn the secret of how to defend yourself and your loved ones from a violent attack. 

No matter how big, nasty, skilled, depraved or drugged up the attacker is? 

Then you need to read this letter.

I Spent Years Dealing with REAL Violence.

and on this Page I'm Going to Reveal a Crucial Piece of Information that Could Help YOU Protect Yourself & THOSE YOU LOVE

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland.

Founder and Editor of The Self Defence

And I've taught self-defence for over 20 years.

But that isn't why you should listen to me.

Because those things don't matter one bit when your life or the safety of your family is on the line.

You should listen to what I have to say, because I was a Police Officer on the streets of Britain for over 17 years.

I arrested incredibly violent people

I investigated violent crime

I justified my use of force and gave evidence in court more times than I recall.

It's not an exaggeration to say that I've either dealt with, was part of or investigated over 1000 violent incidents in 17 years.

Now, in addition to this, I am a seasoned Martial Artist

I hold a black belt in Judo, started boxing at the age of 6 and have trained in countless Martial Arts.

And I say this not to brag.

But to make sure, that you understand that when it comes to violence I have a great deal of experience.

And I'm telling you this so that you take in, this single important piece of information that could save your life.

Ready, here goes:

Violent Criminals Don't Care About Rules or Consequences.


And They Have a Plan To Hurt You!

You see, criminal thugs use violence as a tool to get what they want.

If a rapist wants to feel in control, they use violence to inflict their vile harm on a woman or a man.

If a drug user wants to get his fix and sees you, they know that punching you when you least expect it, knocking you out and stealing your wallet is going to get them that fix.

Violence is either an emotional outburst or a tool to achieve a criminal outcome.

And criminals use it as a tool.

In short they know to strike you when you are at your most vulnerable!

Be that at night in your home while you sleep, when you're intoxicated, when you're on your own or even when you're with your family.

Criminals Call The Act of Committing Crime 'Grafting'

You might not know this, but a lot of criminals call the act of committing crime 'grafting'. 

Yes, they think of victims of crime as their work!

They go out and look for victims.

They have a plan.

By the time a criminal has selected you as their target, they have already visualised what they will do to you.  

They probably even know their escape routes.

And make no mistake. 

They've already done this many times to others.

In fact, many have done this hundreds of times. And have been hurting people FOR YEARS!

And they are actively looking for victims or waiting for you to walk into 'their trap'.

You see, a highly experienced criminal will have a plan to hurt you.

They are focused on getting 'the job' done.

And you're the job!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can easily make yourself far more effective at protecting yourself in violent situations.

Regardless of your level of skill or experience.


All you need is the right plan that is based around YOUR skill base.

A plan that works, no matter if you're a black belt or have never taken a single Martial Arts class in your life.

A plan prepared in advance that will help you to know what to do in ANY violent situation.

I know, because it was my plan that kept me safe for over 17 years while dealing with violence.

It was my PLAN, that allowed me to gain the advantage against much stronger criminals, often in groups or under the influence of drink and drugs.

But I didn't always have a plan.

How a Change of Tactics Saved My Life on Countless Occasions

You can see from the photo, I joined the police young, I mean REALLY young. First as a Cadet at 16 and then as a constable at just 18 years of age.

And it's fair to say I got manhandled.

I'd boxed for years by this point, but it didn't matter. I faced experienced criminals who were often older, stronger, often under the influence of drugs and in some cases very good street fighters.

I'd come home badly bruised after a shift, I'd have to call for back up on an almost daily basis.

And I felt scared.

This was despite all of my years of training in boxing and other Martial Arts AND even with the training the police gave me.

It seemed the criminals always had the upper hand. 

I was basically a victim in a uniform.

And I felt like giving up and leaving the job forever.

But that's when I decided to use my brain.

Over the coming months I studied CCTV footage of incidents I investigated.

I studied every violent incident I dealt with or was part of.

I looked for patterns of behaviour and I studied how experienced officers handled situations.

And I looked at the techniques and tactics used by both criminals and officers.

It was like being enrolled at a self-defense university.

And I found those patterns of behaviour.

The result.

I built a tactical system of self-defense that was based around VIOLENT CRIME & Criminal Behaviour.

A system of tactics that saved my neck more times than I can recall.

It's name?

The Combat Phase Method

When I 'deconstructed' hundreds of violent incidents, investigations and dealings with thugs.

I was able to see a pattern that occurred in almost all criminal incidents.

And the key to  self-defense was to understand that pattern.

You see, criminal attacks aren't a single incident, they happen in PHASES.

And knowing what to do in each phase is essential to avoid violent attacks, protect your loved ones and if there's no other choice, to fight back and survive.

The Combat Phase Method was the backbone of how I stayed safe for over 17 years while dealing with violent people

And now you can learn exactly what the Combat Phase Method is, how to use it to stay safe and the techniques and tactics I used for over 17 years to keep myself safe. 



The Proven Tactics and Techniques of a Former British Street Cop

That You Can Learn and Apply to Defeat Any Attacker. 

Regardless of Your Ability and Experience

Inside the pages of this new e-book , you will discover The Combat Phase Method.  A tactical system of self-defence that anyone can use, regardless of their level of experience.

If you train in BJJ, Judo or any other Martial Art, you will discover how you can bring your skills into the Combat Phase System and utilise them to deal with any attacker quickly.

If you are a Krav Maga student or teacher, you will quickly learn how to refine your knowledge to make your defensive skills faster.

Or if you have zero self-defence skills and all you can do is to throw a swinging punch, not only will you learn how to do this better you will learn how to spot and avoid violence, so you don't have to fight.

Using this system, you are turned from the prey of criminals into THEIR predator.

You will learn how to avoid attacks, de-escalate attackers and if you have to attack with techniques that make them dread ever meeting you.

And you'll have a plan to deal with violence that will help to keep you safe for years to come.

So, what exactly is it?

Defeat Any Attacker is a 22 chapter e-book.

Containing over 60,000 words, 200 instructional images...and with 22 REAL STREET ATTACK video breakdowns.

And here's a small sample of what you will learn inside:

  • The devious way that criminals get the upper hand on their victims. Rapists, street robbers and murderers have all used this technique. And knowing it could save your life (Page 55). 
  • The psychological issue that can cause some of the most experienced and skilful martial artists to freeze when faced with violence and how to make sure it never happens to you (This actually happened to me and forced me to learn this method to stop it from happening again). Find this on page 14
  • A unique clinch technique that has NEVER been seen before and allows any grappler to instantly use their wide range of techniques and take all of the power out of the attacker.
  • The 3 Phases of Combat. This is the core of the Combat Phase Method. It is the key to ensuring you stay safe and have the best possible chance of dealing with any violent attacker (Page 40).
  • The key giveaway that a potential attacker will display to you alerting you to the threat of attack, long before it has happened. I have used this technique for years when I used to be a young lad going to pubs, and it allowed me to avoid idiots looking for trouble like the plague (page 53).
  • The sneaky technique that mobsters in the 1960's used to disarm their murder victims and make them easy to kill. Once you know this, your awareness skills will reach a new level (page 55).
  • The technique used in advanced driving that allows you to constantly assess all circumstances (without being in some kind of crazy paranoid awareness state). I learned how to do this on my Police Driving course when I was 20, and I used this throughout my career and personal life to make rapid risk assessments of any situation. (Learn all about this on page 58)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Discover the police crime prevention method that they use to stop crime from happening and that you can use to avoid criminals and reduce risk. This 'mental tool' has been responsible for the long term reduction of crime in a wide range of circumstances, and you are going to learn how you can use it on page 63.
  • Learn the first objective when dealing with physical aggression. If you get this wrong, then you could be knocked on your backside, caught off guard, and even sucker punched. This is an area that almost all Martial Arts get completely wrong because they never cover this. I break this down on page 67.
  • Are you a grappler or JKD fighter?  That means you probably lead with your strong side forward. Don't worry, in chapter 8, you are going to learn about the 'floating clinch'. This is a development I made over 10 years ago and have used the floating clinch to successfully deal with aggressive people using grappling skills for 10 years.
  • Learn how to unleash the power of words to disarm your attacker, stop them from attacking you and also give you a cunning advantage if you need to go physical. As a cop, I spent a lot of time talking people out of attacking me and others. The verbal control system I used is covered on page 89.
  • On page 110, you are going to discover 'The Beak'. A super sneaky strike that I learned from a 25-year Tactical Support Group veteran. (the British version of S.W.A.T.) This takes the well know 'finger jab' and puts it on steroids.
  • The V- Jab. When I first started learning and using this technique, I couldn't believe how strong, how easy, and powerful this move was. And you can learn the V-Jab in minutes. It is one of those rare techniques that combine the power of your chest, back, arms and legs yet, requires zero skill to master. 
    It's a technique that I found while researching ancient Chinese fighting styles, and yes, I have pressure tested it (page 115).
  • Discover the 6 key areas that you must have self-defence answers for. If you don't, you are always going to have a gaping hole in your skillset (page 128).
  • The simple block that works against the most common street strike. We all know that most street attacks start with a big punch. And hey, I know there are whole courses, techniques and certification programmes designed to stop the 'haymaker'. 
    One problem, if the attacker is an experienced puncher, it just won't work. The solution? I teach a block on page 149 that isn't only easy to learn it opens up a whole other realm of counter-attacks.

  • On page 164, we cover the subject of 'strike resetting'. This is something that only the serious self-defence specialists have even recognised, let alone discussed. Well, we cover all you need to know.
  • A crushing, super-fast, close-range striking combination that can end any self-defence situation in seconds. (I first saw this combo while investigating a brutal street attack. Captured on CCTV, it was shocking). You will see what I mean on page 177.
  • The secret of grappling that will allow you to dominate any street self-defence clinch.
    Look, I won't lie here. Grappling has been 'over complicated' and become 'technique heavy' due to the growth of sport grappling. When you aren't bothered about flashy techniques, this secret explained over a few paragraphs and diagrams will change your self-defence game.
    I learned this secret from a Judo specialist and when it was explained to me, it allowed me to dominate any clinch I ended up in. All this is explained on page 191.
  • On page 204, you find out the forearm position you can use to move an attacker around with ease when grappling them. This is one of those special sport Martial Art tactics that my Bulgarian Judo and Sambo coach taught me that work great in self-defence.
  • What you absolutely must avoid doing when in the clinch with a criminal. If you let them do this, you will be on the floor in seconds. Page 208.
  • The tactic that allowed me to throw around drugged up and steroid fuelled monsters. This little known concept can be used when standing or on the ground to make short work of any attacker or home invader. Page 214.
  • Power Control: This technique was a staple in my law enforcement days and gave me such a degree of control over suspects they usually gave up trying to fight me in seconds. Page 232.
  • The 'old school' standing armlock combination which was actually used to defeat one of the greatest M.M.A. fighters of all time. I took it and modified it for street self-defence. And yes I have used it countless times against REAL attackers. Page 241.
  • The 'street' Judo technique that is far easier to use than you would think and puts an attacker on his backside at lightning speed.
  • Standing guard theory: This is something that no grappling instructor will teach you. After years of actual, real-life grappling in self-defence, I developed it and it is KEY to win REAL self-defence situations on the ground.
  • On page 168 I reveal a secret that will help you to generate vastly more power on your lead hand strikes
  • Do you want to complete smash through an attacker in seconds? Well, on page 171 I reveal a technique first seen in Kung Fu yet also used in the UFC and even in boxing that will make you a handful for anyone.
  • Are you a Judo or BJJ person that only trains grappling? Well on page 176 there is a deceptively powerful technique and concept that will be a game changer for your self-defence ability.
  • On page 214 you will learn the simple boxing move that opens up options to escape, strike or grapple. (This is one of those techniques that 'old school' coaches used to teach, and it is both simple to use and learn). 
  • On page 254 you'll see the simple trip that you can use to take any person down, no matter how big or strong they are. Hint. It works based on bio mechanics and balance, not power. 
  • And much, much more.

Defeat Any Attacker is a 22 chapter e-book.

Containing over 60,000 words, 200 instructional images...with 22 REAL STREET ATTACK video breakdowns.

Here's also what we include.

Bonus 1: Criminal Chaos (Value $37)


A special report where I disclose methods that criminals use to commit their crimes. This information can't be found in textbooks or by watching videos. 

It has come as a result of spending time with criminals, interviewing them, recruiting them as informants and learning from them.

Some things you are going to learn in this report:

  • The tactics commonly used by 2 criminals (Knowing this will help you to avoid 'set ups' and much more).
  • How sexual predators increase the vulnerability of victims in bars and night clubs.
  • The logic model that I used to manage threats to myself and others (yes, I was threatened on a daily basis, this is how I didn't go crazy).
  • And much more.

Hold on...we have even more value.

If you jump on this launch deal. I have included:

Also included:  REAL Fight Break Down Database.

22 Real Fight Break Downs, around 3 hours of footage. (Value $67)

As I've said earlier. One of the reasons I was so successful at self-defence was that I was able to study so many real life incidents. This was the days before YouTube. So, I want the same for you.

We're building a real fight breakdown database, and we have 22 breakdowns so far and nearly 3 hours of footage, with more being added each week.

These are fast, real-life violent incidents where I break down what is going on in each incident and apply the logic we have covered in the Defeat Any Attacker book.

Just download the videos and watch on your devices or use the Gumroad app to stream them on your mobile devices. 

This database is going to be huge because right now, YouTube is actively deleting real fight breakdown channels for promoting violence. 

Every purchase will have access to our breakdowns.

Bonus 3: Future Upgrades Included (Value $197)

Defeat Any Attacker is not just a book, its an entire online programme. 

We are in the process of filming complimentary video instructionals that will be provided at no extra cost to you.

And yes, we are likely to put the price up at any time.

But today, you just pay once and once only.

Now, we think this is great. But don't just take my word for what a great product this is.

Here's what others are saying....

Martial Arts and Self Defence Professionals Love Defeat Any Attacker

Jamie Clubb  //  Author & Self-Defence Expert

"'Defeat Any Attacker' pulls off the feat of serving as both a ground zero introduction to and a refreshing reappraisal of self-protection concepts.

This clearly makes the book both accessible to both new students and experienced teachers in this field.

Andrew Holland approaches his subject with the same impassioned dedication I have seen him display for the years I have known him and what is demonstrated in his impressively relevant CV.

The work reads and is laid out like an engaging blog that the reader can easily dip in and out of...

Not that you'll want to put it down!"

Jamie Clubb

Matt D' Aquino   //  Judo Olympian, Author and BJJ Black belt

Defeat Any Attacker  is a must have for anyone teaching self defence or martial arts.

The beauty of this book is that it doesn’t teach you 101 techniques that no one can remember, but it is full of easy to remember principles that you will remember if you were ever in need of them. I loved the chapter on “how to stop anyone attacking you with a few words.

Andrew thanks for putting your 17 year of real life self defence knowledge into an easy to read book that will help anyone who reads it.”

Matt D' Aquino
Judo Olympian and BJJ black belt

Matt D' Aquino 

Jon Hand  // BJJ Black Belt

“Defeat any attacker” is a no-nonsense guide for learning the core principles of protecting yourself and your loved ones.
Andrew’s experience throughout his martial arts and police career have put him in
situations that have thrown him head first into the ugliness of real violence and combat. This has led to him refine his skills in to easily accessible principles and
techniques when the chaos is in full flow. The book illustrates this in easy to follow
sections and images to back them up.
I really resonate with his thoughts on being completely honest with the techniques that you teach/learn. Traditional arts and combat sports do have holes that their rule-sets do not address, and Andrew knocks it out of the park with his explanations.
My favourite section personally, was the legal ramifications of a conflict. Andrew has a ace up his sleeve when it comes to explaining the battle AFTER the physical one
has been won/lost.

If you are looking for an introduction to ideas & techniques that work for any person, regardless of size, weight or sex, this is an excellent choice.

I am absolutely looking forward to the next project Andrew publishes.

Jon Hand

Dave McGill

"I’ve trained in various martial arts over the years but always struggle to find useful advice on practical self defence.

A lot of techniques that work well in the dojo don’t translate well into street fighting.

I’ve found Andrew Holland’s self defence book full of simple and practical techniques and also enjoy the fight breakdowns and additional resources provided with the book so would recommend it for anyone interested in self-defense/martial arts."

Dave McGill

Still Not Convinced: Let's Take a Look Inside

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Criminal Chaos Report: PDF

22 X Real Fight Video Breakdowns: MP4

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There are NO REFUNDS.

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DO NOT BUY if you are on the fence about this.

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For those of you that do make the decision to purchase, you will have the knowledge that took me the best part of 20 years to gain.

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