May 28

In Defence of CrossFit


[su_heading size=”25″]In Defence of CrossFit[/su_heading]


Yesterday I read an article shared by some people on the web about Cross Fit. It was a well written piece on how cross fit was basically a haven for injuries and by doing it you risk serious injury.

I get it, I really do.

Cross Fit has a bad rep in the fitness world because people can get certified with very little training and often the techniques lack what some would call proper form and many use heavy weights. The result can be pretty serious injuries.

I have been asked a few times to try cross fit and never have. For many reasons but the risk of injury is a major concern of mine as I have enough injuries to contend with and dont want to add to the pile. Yes Im 35 and have a lot of injuries, and I have never done cross fit!!!!!

So I have injuries from other sports and CrossFit wasn’t a part of the cause, perhaps others sports carry a pretty high risk of injury too?

[su_heading size=”25″]CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness[/su_heading]

CrossFitters use the slogan “the sport of fitness” and to be honest with you I think that is a pretty accurate quote. A lot of the criticism fails to take this aspect into consideration that cross fit is a sport and not just a training system for fitness.

Many people are jumping on the bandwagon of how cross fit has caused serious injury before realising that crossfit is a sport and sports cause injury because of the dynamic way people move. We have seen broken necks in Rugby and Judo, torn tendons and blown out knees in football and a host of injuries in a lot of other sports too.

The fact is pretty simple, if you want to get fit you dont actually need crossfit, you can go running (another sport that causes injury), join  a gym and simply go on the weight machines. However we turn to sport for so much more than just fitness. It supports our needs for social interaction and skill mastery and being part of something more. We need to be challenged mentally and physically and sports like Crossfit actually allow us to train against our personal bests, so really you can compete against others and yourself.

Now some people will say that cross fit promotes itself as a way to get fit and other sports dont. Err have you seen other sports and their promotional material. Almost all of them say “its a great way to get fit” so that excuse is pretty lame.

All sports pose risk, some less, some more! Jumping of a cliff with a parachute is pretty high risk of injury, carrying a ball and dodging 16 stone men  (or women) who want to take you to the floor with a tackle is likely to cause a few bruises and getting hit in the face by another person is going to sting a bit!

My Point is that yes crossfit may very well carry some risk of of injury, but if you think of it is a sport you see that injury is a part of sport. It happens but we still take part in it anyway.

I dont do crossfit and never will but I respect the people that do, they love it and I understand that.

Watch the video on Crossfit below and if you agree that CrossFit is no more dangerous than other sports then please like and share this post, if not comment below

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Take Care


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