July 23

Eddie Quinn’s The Approach Scores a Touchdown In America!


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A while ago I made the decision to package up my knowledge and out a ‘system’ together and to be honest it was an instant success. 20 People signed up for instructor courses for my unique style of Boxing mixed with Judo and reality. However I pulled the plug on it all and whilst a lot of people think they know the reasons, most don’t know the real story. However one of my major reasons for not continuing is that there were already people with a great deal of knowledge and experience out there who had put amazing things together, and when you become a teacher you reduce the amount of time you have to be a student and I still really want to learn.

Among the things I am desperate to get to grips with are Bob Breens new 4D Combat, Defence Lab, Ghost and of course Eddie Quinn’s The Approach.

I recently interviewed Eddie Quinn ( read it here) and it was clear that Eddie is a man of passion and skill and I was lucky enough to recently get a chance to see some exclusive seminar footage Eddie shot and was blown away.

For those that havent seen it yet The Approach is a unique method of striking and entering that teaches a person of any size (yes its great for ladies) to generate massive power using their forearms and efficient body mechanics that come very naturally, the result is the ability to deliver massive force in a split second. Who wouldnt want that kind of power!

Now since Eddie launched his programme he has been travelling almost non stop, giving up time with his family to spread the Approach to the farthest corners of the globe and recently he landed in the USA where one person on his programme stated

It was simply the best martial arts training I ever experienced. It is the most devastating self defense method I have ever seen.

Now Eddie has unleashed the next phase of his Approach with the new and devastating Approach 360. This sees Eddie bring The Approach to the ground and trust me its just as devastating from there.

But you can read the full review of his USA course here

So what about me? What is my focus?

Thats pretty simple, I am just 35 years of age and for those that know me I have had some health problems of late of which I am past but have undergone some life changes as a result. Now is my time to be a student again and I am lucky because I have so much to throw myself into. Not only am I re- focused on my Judo I am also on the Defence Lab road and I see myself heading down The Approach, Ghost(Phil Normans amazing evasive striking system) and Breens 4D combat.

There are exciting times ahead in the world of martial arts.

To check out Eddie Quinns system go to The-Approach.com

Take care


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