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FAST Defence-How Fast is Reducing the Fear of Violence



Fast Defence Takes What People Fear and Builds Training From There
Fast Defence Takes What People Fear and Builds Training From There



Fear is a strange concept and one I have faced numerous times in my life and it has happened to me in interviews, high pressure situations and pretty much all the important things that have gone on in my life. I will never forget doing an interview for BBC Radio 2 on the Jeremy Vine show. Here I was in a small cubicle in the BBC and with a micro phone and 8 Million People listening to what I was going to say. My heart was pumping so hard, my mouth was dry and my hands were shaking.

Common sense tells me that this is adrenaline working in my body but to this day I have no idea how to control it, how to use it effectively and how to 0ver come this amazing human chemical cocktail that can see us freeze to the spot or to accomplish great feats of strength and courage. The one thing that every one has in common is that they feel the effects of this human chemical response time and time again through life. Self Defence is not all about winning fights, its often about overcoming Fear.

Fear effects us all and so does adrenaline and in turn that will affect the choices we make when dealing with situations. I recall a few years ago I moved into a house just before Christmas and a blind company came to fit the purpose built wooden blinds we had ordered from them. I had paid these guys well over £1000 to fit blinds, its not rocket science, get the measurements right and make the blinds the same size you measured. But guess what the blinds were the wrong size and we were 7 days from Christmas. I rang the company and they said sorry and they couldnt do anything until January!!!!!! Well as you can image I wasnt happy and had to argue with the manager and I still felt adrenaline surging through my body despite being in a different area that this person. (by the way I got my blinds replaced BEFORE christmas!!!!)

What this has taught me is that no matter how tough, how experienced and how many martial arts you have trained in Fear and Adrenaline effect us all and this causes Stress!!!! And we know that Stress is not good for the body. So When Wayne Hubball contacted me in relation to FAST Defence and the work it is doing to reduce the Fear of Violence I was all ears because its rare that someone addresses this concept (Wayne is pictured below on the right with Dik Chance and Bill Kipp (centre) the Founder of FAST Defence)

Wayne Hubball

Wayne was kind enough to meet with me to discuss the future of FAST Defence and how it will change the lives of everyday people and I was convinced there and then that FAST Defence is going to be huge and something that every martial artist can add to their systems/gyms and classes but to be honest my views on the future of FAST were cemented when I saw an image on the cover of MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED, it is perhaps the most iconic cover photo in the history of Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine and you can buy that copy in shops today (Jan 2015), the image is below

FAST Defence- Ladies Fight back
FAST Defence- Ladies Fight back


For me this photo deserves to be called Martial Arts Photo of the year. Simple because we have a female with little or zero martial arts experience showing determination and aggression to an attacker. She is refusing to be a victim!

But behind this as I was to learn from my meeting with Wayne is a very solid system of education that takes FAST well into the future. FAST is now very focused at delivering FEAR and ADRENALINE STRESS Training to a variety of groups and having the right training package for each group.

From university students to hardened door staff FAST is going to teach people with science how to control and manage how Fear and Adrenaline will affect a person. The training will teach women about personal boundaries and what to do if people cross them.

What makes FAST different from others?? Well two things stand out for me and that is they are heavily involved with the Science of Adrenaline and I am not talking about just reading a book, these guys (and gals) are knee deep in University/ Doctorate level research and education on the subject and of course the Predator armour.

FAST have moved forward and have created a range of armour that allows a person to feel adrenaline, to be exposed to the very thing they will face and keep the instructors and students safe.

Over the next 12 months you will be hearing a lot more about FAST Defence UK and we will be looking in depth at its training courses and products.

As always Keeps safe





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