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The world Judo championships is one of those amazing events that occur where the very best action is always likely and the best Judoka gather to compete. The fighting films guys and girls presented this DVd as their coverage of the event. Here is my short review of the DVD.


Thne dvd is priced at just £15 which is amazing value and as always the quality is in line with the other fighting films products. The evnt is a great spectacle with the worlds best throwing each other all over the place. This is truly an example of world class Judo. However the FF production has put this dvd into the same format as its previous curcuit DVD. That process was to bring a programme to tv audiences and the dvd had that type of feel. This product has the same feel however unlike the circuit dvd where there were four events, this product has just the one. So does it work?


I have to say yes and no. The dvd is excellent, its great quality and footage however I have to say I didnt enjoy the DVD as much as I have done with the companys other world chanmpionships. Gone are the direct weight access, instead there is a highlights video, judoka of the tournament and the best IPPONS.


You cant deny its good but I was a little let down as I think the direct access to thr weight division is better as a format for such a great event. However the world circuit dvd works in this format, I felt that the world championships doesnt.


Should you buy it/ Of course you should, Im being picky, its world class Judo at a great price. However I wont treasure it as much as my other fighting films dvds.

Ive rated this as 4 out of 5


Direct acces to various weights would make this 5 out of 5. Sorry folks, a bit short of perfection this time.

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