Frank Mir Teaches the Kimura The Broke Big ‘Nogs’ Shoulder

This post is pretty graphic so viewing discretion is advised as it contains a great but dangerous mma/self defence technique.

If you havent seen the UFC fight between Nogueira and Frank Mir that turned into the move that broke a shoulder live on the Ultimate Fighting Championship pay per view then you really are missing something special.

This was a battle of two of the best fighters ever in the UFC and in particular two of the best submission experts out there. However it ended in one breaking the others shoulder. So below watch the move that did it but be warned it is very nasty looking.

Pretty bad eh, well the skill on display here is amazing, however this next video is world class as Frank Mir teaches in detail that same move!! Yes here it is,a setp by step guide to how his did it.

As always you need to like or tweet to get access but trust me its worth it!!! Enjoy this amazing MMA technique as taught by a true legend

Andrew Holland


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