Fit Fem’rs, I am a gigantic fan of high intensity interval training. Once I began incorporating this training method, I literally saw my body transform before my eyes. High intensity interval training workouts has long been a point of interest and discussion for many; the debate still continues whether steady state cardio or high intensity interval training workouts wins the battle of the most effective fitness regimen. Studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of the high intensity interval training and they yield beautiful results, showing that those who do HIIT were able to lose 3 times as much fat than those who worked out but did not do it, much to the dismay of those who criticize HIIT.

Ever wonder why you have become muscular but still had that ‘padding’ of fat you had a difficult time getting rid of. HIIT is the breakthrough! You perform exercises at such intensity, that you will achieve EPOC – excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption. Without getting too scientific here, it means because you have worked so hard, you have consumed more oxygen than during steady state exercise, resulting in higher levels calorie expending even at rest. Yup, WORK HARD, BURN MORE!

High intensity intervals are workouts that are here to stay. HIIT aims to develop endurance and stamina, as well as aiding in fat and weight loss for many people. What’s better, HIIT is designed to shorten the amount of time needed for exercise. Most fitness systems may have you working hard on a particular training outcome during one single session, but because the results are not preserved/maintained, results can be lost and hard work can end up being a giant waste of your precious time.  No more 1 hour cardio sessions on the treadmill.


Twenty minutes on aerobics with HIIT could have effects that would last for up to 2 months. This makes it easier for those who do not want to work out every given day of their lives, as HIIT would very likely have a 2-month effect on the body after you have worked out for a month. This means that you could actually work out for a month and stop for 2 months, repeating the cycle four times a year and reaping the benefits of high intensity interval workouts all year long. So damn cool!

Running and cycling are two aerobic workouts that could be done with HIIT. This is done by gradually making your goals higher. For example, you could run with a lower speed in the beginning, but nearing the end you should be running abnormally fast and begging to reach your destination already. HIIT builds stamina and endurance, but don’t forget it also teaches a person about discipline and staying with one focus, one goal.

Treadmill workouts could also be done if you do not have the luxury of running outside in a place with ample amount of fresh air. Running on the treadmill on HIIT would include having to change speeds after the initial 2 minutes, then changing the speed after every minute until you reach the highest speed and end with a moderate one, for example.

Sweating is also a sign that your body is working hard and would give you results, so if you feel that you are not sweating enough, you must be in for more intense workouts. This could happen when you have build your stamina and your body could take more than it was used to. Workouts with HIIT are fun and with 20 minutes a day, it would be over before you know it.

Fit Fem’rs, work smarter, not harder, and get the weight loss results you are looking for by including high intensity interval training workouts in your fitness schedule.  Trust me, you will love it!