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How I got 55,790 Visits, Views and 1000’s of Facebook Shares in Just 1 Hour!


How I got 55,790 Visits, Views and 1000’s of Facebook Shares in Just 1 Hour!

How to page views
Just one example of my google analytics page. I have had over 33000 you tube view’s in 14 days on one video as well

I get a wide variety of people reading my blog. I know CEO’s from the sports industry are reading it, I know media and marketing people are reading it. I know that Magazine editors are reading it. I know that Hollywood Martial Arts Trainers are reading it. I also know that Olympic Gold Medal winners are reading it and even sharing my posts on their Facebook pages.

I know all the above because these people have been in touch at one time or another.

Its pretty amazing to think that someone who stood on an Olympic podium shared my article but not just one, several have shared various articles from time to time and yes it gives me a buzz. However I always cherish and appreciate every social share or visit I get because it all matters. In a busy world where the average person is bombarded with articles, videos and websites its really nice to have even just a few people share an article I wrote ( numerous articles of mine have never been shared also). So I personally view every social share just as if someone was buying a product.

How I Did It

My story is pretty odd as 3 years ago I had never created a website and my life was going in a very different direction but I launched a martial arts class that pretty much failed. As a result I wanted to know why and I started a 3 year study on marketing, media and the web. My university however wasn’t a recognised one it was simply the University of ‘Trial and Error’.¬†I read everything I could get my hands on and then tried things out. If it didn’t work I never tried it again and if it did work I kept on doing it.

Despite the things In know I actually rarely use them. This in itself may sound very strange but to be honest media marketing isn’t my day job and as I have a well paid job I only treat media marketing as a hobby. I get a real kick out of getting ranked on the first page of Google for certain key words, but I just enjoy writing. Whatever I feel like writing I do and its a great feeling to put words out there to form intelligent articles.

A few people have told me I should get a job in social media marketing and I looked at this for a while but have you seen the wages that companies are paying for social media managers, well its pretty bad and often they are looking for ‘young’ interns who are fresh out of University so they can pay them peanuts.

Its so true that the average business pays very little time and respect to the web and social media marketing. I know this because I met a digital team of a leading high street chain once and they too said it was “just one of the things they did”. That told me their company had pretty much zero idea of the sheer power of the web and especially social media marketing.

But enough of my waffling on your here to read how I got so many social shares and visits in 1 hour.

Well the first things I will tell you is that the headline made a big part. A great headline makes a major difference to everything, even this post is using this process because I’m telling you some lies.

All the visits did not come in 1 hour. They came in 1 hour of work. The actual visits and shares are from January 1st to Feb 12th 2014. Still not bad in that amount of time but the real magic is the amount of time I actually spent writing and creating content

The January Experiment

In January I decided on 2 things, that I would use my web knowledge to grow this blog and that I would spend as little time as possible doing it. Sounds weird but I actually wanted maximum results from minimum effort.

I treated this as a challenge, and I timed myself on every occasion I wrote or spent on the web doing SEO work, content creation and content marketing. Total time spent this month is 1 hour 10 minutes.

So I got 55,790 Visits, Views and 1000’s of Facebook Shares in Just 1 hour 10 minutes worth of actual work.

Now I know that there will be numerous ‘young’ and not so young social media marketing managers sitting at their desk today and sweating because they had no more ‘facebook’ likes, ¬†Twitter followers or only a few website visitors. So here is my very brief guide on how you can really increase your whole web presence in a very short time.

1. Start With the End in Mind

It sounds easy but most people just post things without first asking ‘why’ they are doing this. Everything you do on the web should have a reason and a clear purpose. It doesn’t matter if its traffic, site views, key phrase dominance. Just do it for a reason and then after wards you can assess if it worked.

2 Pick a Target Audience

The worst thing you can do is try and market everything to everyone. I have made that mistake a few times but trust me you will have serious issues if you try and market to everyone. Pick your specific audience.

3. Write Amazing headlines

Headlines are still the best way to gain attention. Make sure you have a great one.

4. Create Epic Content

My last tip for today is simple, create epic content. There is no getting around this one. You simply need to create content that is worth sharing.

It all sounds simple and in a way it is, however being a great painter is more than just putting paint on a canvas. So go out and createsome epic stuff and I look forward to reading,watching or listening to it.


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