August 12

How To Defeat Any Attacker In 3 Seconds (using the Hammer Fist)


Have you ever been threatened or perhaps even attacked?

If so, you know how scary that situation can be. Your safety and quite literally your life hangs in the balance.

Well, after reading this article you will no longer fear for your safety. 

Why? Because I am going to give you the biggest secret there is in the self-defence and survival world.

This technique will help you to stay safe, no matter what or who the opponent is.

And if you train it and practise this technique your self-defence worries will be over.


Let's do this.

The Hammer Fist:

The Most Power Self-Defence Technique Ever Created

how to defeat an attacker

I spent 17 years working in law enforcement in the UK and during that time this technique remains the single most effective method to destroy your attackers in seconds.

That technique is of course the Hammer Fist.

It is without doubt the fast track to making any person effective in self-defence in hours and not years and in my experience nothing comes close to this.

The Hammer Fist Strike: Why It Works

I first started to learn about the Hammer Fist strike when I was taught it as an 18 year old police officer, but it has been around for a lot longer than this.

It is highly likely that the first humans will have used hammer fists when settling their differences. 

And in many ways the combination of grappling and hammer fists can by observed in any zoo when gorillas choose to fight each other.

So...why does the hammer fist work and why am I suggesting it's use?

In simple terms the hammer fist works because it engages the mechanics of the human body in a far more efficient way than using the standard punch.

The Mechanics Of The Hammer Fist

The hammer fist strike works in exactly the same way as using a hammer.

The fist is the equivalent of the head of the hammer and in this case the hammer stores up the kinetic energy produced by the swing. 

As the arm swings the head of the hammer (or the fist) will store up the energy until it meets an object.

And as you guessed it...the strike delivers incredible power.

It Is Like Smashing A Rock Into Someone

In a street self defence situation you would pray for a rock to appear you could use...well your fist becomes the rock if you use the hammer fist.

And you are actually throwing the rock at speed into the face of the attacker.

This is what makes the strike so powerful yet also so easy to use. 

Now, just like someone throwing a rock into your face is tough to defend so is the hammer fist strike.

The reason is that the fist comes at you at ridiculous speed with little winding up, and the impact is incredible. 

What Martial Arts Use The Hammer Fist Well

As stated the hammer fist was taught to me years ago, however I have seen only a handful of martial artists, self-defence systems and self defence instructors teach this well.

And right now my advice for learning the hammer fist strike is to check out the following martial arts styles and systems.

How To Use The Hammer Fist

Rather than tell you how to use the Hammer Fist, my friend Mikey Wright is going to demonstrate how to use it with some techniques from Eddie Quinn's The Approach.

I was holding the pads in this video and trust me the power was ridiculous...and it was scary to even hold the pads. 

Watch the video below but please, stay on page because the article isn't over yet!

Using The Hammer Fist Against Someone With A Weapon

What should you do if someone has a weapon, be it a knife, machete, bat or whatever?

The first answer is of course to run away....but that isn't always possible and if not the hammer fist strike should be your go to attack.

As can be seen in this image, striking the arm or collar bone are valid and powerful tactics that can change the game for you in any situation.

Also of note, although called the hammer 'fist' the strike can actually land using the forearm.

This is like turning your arm into a baseball bat itself.

This makes for an incredible attack.


The hammer fist is without a doubt one of the best techniques in self-defence.

And if you aren't training it...why not?

So, what do you think? Do you use the hammer fist? Are you training it and if not why not?

Comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading. 

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