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I get emails daily about Keysi, people asking whats going on, where can they train in this art and who is running the UK scene since the departure of Andy Norman. To be honest I have not had the information to give people until now. So here it is. How you can train Keysi in the UK. If the other instructors from across the world want to get in touch then please do so.

However until then here is the article How to train keysi in the UK by UK top instructor Richard Lawrence


There is a whole lot going on in Keysi this year. A UK premiere of the official documentary on founder Justo Dieguez, plenty of Keysi seminars and nightclub workshops, the chance for everyone to train with Justo and the World Conference in Mallorca in October to name a few of the events happening in 2013. This is all in addition to the regular classes available in the UK.


So, how can you get involved and train in Keysi?

There are 3 Keysi training centres in the UK at present, Liverpool, Manchester and Tewkesbury.

Keysi Tewkesbury is run by Instructor Phil Castle
Telephone 07845 593121 please ring for details.

The Liverpool and Manchester centres are run by myself, Richard Lawrence
Telephone 07967 648820

As well as the regular classes, at Keysi NorthWest we have training available 7 days a week with private lessons, private lesson courses, corporate seminars and so on. For those that live some distance away we run half-day, full day and weekend training courses.

For those that have been asking about the Keysi Instructor development program, I now have full details having come back from Madrid this week. A basic outline is that the program is delivered by founder Justo Dieguez over the course of each year and the program is split into 3 year long segments – DIMA 1, 2 and 3. Each individual in the UK on the DIMA course will be tutored by the UK co-ordinators; Phil and Myself. Please ring me for more details or visit

If you require anymore information about training in Keysi and how you can get involved please feel free to get touch with me.

Al Ataque!

Richard Lawrence
Chief instructor
Keysi NorthWest



Andrew Holland


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