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Review of the Insanity Workout and a Great Alternative


Insanity Workout Review

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Insanity workout review and an alternative
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This is a review of the DVD product known as The Insanity Workout Programme and at the same time suggest some far cheaper alternatives.

The insanity workout is a DVD package that has grown in stature since the huge success of its infomercials that frequent TV Shopping channels. As a self defence expert, fitness instructor, a Judo black belt, a former boxer and MMA expert I have seen and done my fair share of home workouts. From Tae bo to boxercise by Sugar Ray Leonard  I have seen and done them all. So when I got the chance to try out the Insanity workout DVD from a friend I jumped at the chance.

What You Get

The actual DVD package is pretty amazing but it should be considering the £100 you have to pay for it. Loads of workout DVD’s, a chart, food book and a few other bits and bobs gives a feeling that you have spent your money wisely. However personally I don’t care about the case as long as the product is good.

Although I wont go through each workout DVD I will give you a break down of the actual product in terms of what it does for you. The Insanity Programme is designed to be a 60 day workout programme that if you get through it you will be super fit and lean. Well that’s a pretty impressive claim. However before I start praising this thing, I will say this. If you do any kind of intensive exercise programme for 60 days your body WILL change! So the claim that 60 days to transform your life isn’t actually that special.

What is Involved

Now before you even think about getting this DVD let me say this I am not an affiliate nor do I earn any cash from this review so it is 100% independent, so just what is involved in the programme. Well you have arrange of DVD’s with variations of workouts from sports based, plyometric, insane abs, cardio, max interval and more. The workouts vary in length from 20 minutes to an hour and they are seriously intense. The instructor states that he uses Max Interval training which is basically his version of saying he ‘beasts’ you for an period of time period between 30 to 45 seconds. The trick is that he doesn’t just give one exercise he has a series of them linked together so you really do feel the burn. These exercises are really intensive and full body ones. Not just your usual press ups or associated variations, this is full body explosive movements. They are excellent to do, really do benefit you and burn a lot of calories.

The Cons

Now the first and most major con here is that this workout will be too hard for most people. The idea is you do what you can and just keep going and over the 60 days your intensity and fitness will improve so that you can last longer and basically get better at the whole thing. Well that’s fine in theory but you need a mind set to achieve this and personally speaking most will not have this mindset. It is a case of determination not skill that makes this product deliver the results and the bottom line is if you arent a mentally strong person then you will not get the results you want. So if you aint got the ‘minerals’ dont bother to buy this product!

Also for me the workouts are a little too long. At around 40 minutes on average this equates to an hour out of your day to workout at home. That is a long time for  busy person with a family and full time job

The Pros

However I have to say this workout product is amazing, yes it really is worth the money. You can simply put the disc into your DVD player and away you go. It really is that simple. No Equipment required, no weights or than your own body and nothing else. The DVD’s are fun and offer options with music and without. The actual exercises are tough on your muscles but not so on your back or joints etc so it s a pretty safe workout.

The Verdict

The Insanity Workout is a great product and worth the money but it is a lot of money. You get a lot but it is a workout that is tough!! Even the warm up is hard so please do not buy unless you really desire to put yourself through a tough workout. The results will come but that is not down to some magic pill, it is down to simple hard work!

Now I have to give this 5 out of 5!!

However the major issue for most people is the price. At £100 its a lot of money, still do not let that put you off as the resale value is doign pretty well on ebay at the moment. Still, if the thought of shelling out that amount of money is still too much there are some great alternative methods and programmes out there.

One such method is perhaps Funk Roberts 10 week Spartan Workout

This is perhaps the number one internet based fitness product out there because not only does the package give you tons of workouts you get nutrition advice along the way that is world class. I actually own this product and have had some great results! To find out more just click on the image but let me say this, the workouts are faster than the ones in the Insanity DVD so you get the same results in less time! Click below to find out more information

Learn the Secrets of Getting a ripped physique in 10 weeks!
Learn the Secrets of Getting a ripped physique in 10 weeks!


All the best

Train hard and keep safe and dont forget to sign up for updates on my home page to get 5 free workout books!


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