October 7

Jamie Clubb- His Latest Book is Out and Its Great- Read the Review!




[su_heading size=”25″]Review of Jamie Clubbs  New Book Mordred’s Victory and Other Martial Mutterings[/su_heading]



I have been involved in the martial arts for over 20 years and have trained in most of the popular forms of martial arts and have a black belt in judo. In addition I have written articles on self defence and martial arts that have been read by over 250,000 people. All that being said there is one person whose articles I enjoy reading and that man is Jamie Clubb. Pioneer, author and true self defence expert.

I had the pleasure of training with Jamie at his Vagabond Warriors sessions which I have to say ranks as one of the most enjoyable martial arts seminars I have ever been to.  Jamie proved to me at this event that he not only has skill but he has knowledge and is able to present that knowledge to others in a way that they will be able to understand.

As such when Jamie was releasing his new book which he calls Mordreds’ Victory and other Martial Mutterings I was excited and when I read it I was not disappointed.

Jamie is well known for his common sense approach to martial arts and this book really is a tour of the arts and self defence but is not a self defence manual. Part history book, part self help and part martial arts manual. This is not a glossy ‘how to’ guide but a collection of articles that will get your mind working. Jamie cuts through to the core aspects of martial arts and with almost scientific accuracy reveals things that you will not know about the arts and self defence and this will help your training to reach new levels.

When I went to Jamies Physical event the ‘Vagabond Workshop’ I really struggled to put a finger on just what it is that Jamie teaches. This book is exactly the same. This is not martial arts writing as you have ever seen it, instead Jamie has devised a method that forces you to think inward about your own martial arts journey. This is not the typical technique or how to punch harder type of book. This is what I would describe as a journey through the martial arts that will force you to address your own training after reading each chapter.

Jamie has a unique ability to step away from being part of any style or system of self defence, indeed his approach is about individuals and helping people get the most out of their training. This book does that same thing, it’s like training with Jamie- It leaves your mind buzzing!

I read a lot and this for me is one of the best martial arts books I have ever read.  It sits at a huge 135 pages long and is both educational and inspiring. I highly recommend this book and I personally feel will be the start of something very special for Jamie. If I was to liken Jamie to anyone I would call him the “Seth Godin of Martial Arts”. This is a brilliant read for the martial arts and self defence enthusiast.

Andrew Holland

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