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Judo Training At Home by Matt D Aquino- DVD review


Its fair to say I own every product that Matt D Aquino has every produced. Why? The answer is simple. Matt’s products are quality and add value to my skill base.

There is no one involved in Judo at this time who is more active in the production of Judo training material than the 2008 Beijing Olympian Matt D Aquino and when his latest product was released I was in line to grab a copy. Here is my no fluff review and for those interested I do not earn any affiliate fee for this review, it is a simple review from a humble Judoka.

Judo Training at Home

I am a huge fan of training at home as it offers a chance to practise your skills and I believe you make most of your advancements in body control using what I refer to as shadow training. When I stopped boxing and went into Judo I noticed that a major element in boxing known as ‘shadow boxing’ was not seen very much in Judo. Shadow work is a major part of a boxers training drills where they practice all manor of skills. Of course a few years later I noticed that high level Judoka did do this type of work but it wasn’t seen in many clubs.

Needless to say i used shadow work in my Judo training from the very beginning but I didnt have a trainer at home so I got a lot of faults in my techniques but I still did more Judo than other people because I did 20 minutes a day every day and that was on top of my normal classes. Its easy to see how this adds up.

Now when Matt released his new Judo training at Home DVD I knew I wanted it and as always I wasnt disappointed.



There is no doubt that this DVD is not packed with new ways to win tournaments or throw opponents. However the key benefit of this DVD  is that it will provide you with a training system that improves your ability to do just that. Matt is a 2008 Olympian and that is a pretty big deal. He has reached the top level of his  sport at one time and he has trained with more world and elite grappler’s than most people have ever heard of.  So as you can imagine he has picked up a thing or two along the way. Now a lot of this expert knowledge Matt gives away for free on his Youtube channel or his website www.beyondgrappling.com but every so often he brings out a great product. This started with the excellent workouts for Judo, it then went on to the excellent Strength Training for Judo and more recently he opened the huge University of Judo site with hours of instructional footage. All of these products are amazing and I own them and have used them a lot. However I still feel that his latest product Judo Training at Home is the best yet!

Now before I go into the actual product and what you get, lets revisit the benefits of this product. Matt is giving you a system that allows you to train and learn Judo in your own time. It has Matt D Aquino in front of a camera going into detail about every technique in the Judo world that is useful. He breaks it down and shows you not only how the technique works and why but also how you can get better at these techniques.

I have a saying “if you cant perform a move in thin air, you will never pull it off against an opponent”

Now this video will enable you to go outside with your laptop or ipad or even train in your front room and follow an Olympian performing techniques and telling you what to do! Your balance will improve, your fitness will improve and above all else your technique will get a lot better!


The product 

The product is a download and I have to say it took minutes to get it onto my laptop. It features 8 whole volumes or as Matt calls them Modules. They are packed with MATT and just Matt in front of the camera talking about what works in Judo. Now this is why I feel this is his best product to date.  He literally pours out his entire thoughts about how to land a technique and how to get it smoother and faster. Now there are 8 whole volumes packed with information here and it will take you some time to watch them all. However you cant not learn from Matt in this product, it is pure Judo and a fantastic chance to get a one to one about every Judo technique and get real expert tips on how to make techniques work.


Now Matt has not only put this product at the amazingly low price of $24.97 for over 60 minutes worth of footage he has added some huge bonuses as well.

bonus one and the most important is one free months access to the university of Judo. That is a site with over 400 instructional videos alone! Well worth 24 bucks for the price of admission to that alone!

He also has books on kettle bells and also 2 free DVDS on dealing with extreme stances and also on how to throw a stiff arm opponent.

Now I cannot think of a reason why a person would not buy this product. I really cant and I make no money off this review! I just see a former Olympian pouring his heart and knowledge into creating products that will help your Judo.

I would give the DVD 5 STARS on its own but with the added bonus products I think this is on a different level. For the cost of a meal out you will pick up knowledge that will get you slamming people on the mat.

So the DVD GETS MY GOLD AWARD!!! This is a MUST buy.

Click the link below to get further information about the product and free bonus gifts

For more information on Judo Training at Home click here



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