Keysi by Justo is in the UK!

KEYSI BY JSTOkeysi is back in the UK

This is just a quick post as I have been contacted by the new Keysi UK instructor team to say what’s going on.

  • Keysi is going back to the roots of Justo Dieguez and the company will be known as KFM World with the training programme known as Keysi
  • The training programme is being re structured into one dynamic programme that includes everything including the urban weapons.
  • There are 2 centres you can train Keysi  by Justo. They are Keysi Northwest which runs classes in Liverpool and Manchester with Chief Instructor Richard Lawrence and Keysi Tewkesbury under Phil Castle.
  • The websites are going live soon and I will post the links when I get them.
  • Justo is training these guys direct and they are travelling to Spain a lot for their new instructor training. So they will be getting their training direct from the source.


I will be trying to get more information on these huge developments as I get it but be certain that Keysi is not gone, just reduced in size across the UK however it is still across the globe in both the USA and Europe.

Keep safe



Andrew Holland


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