June 15

Let us Handle Your Martial Arts Marketing




If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that over the last few months we have launched our own digital media business. This was to focus full time on our sites and also on the sites for our ever growing list of martial arts clients.

Now I would like to formally give you the opportunity to come on board with our business so that we can help to promote your business on-line.

What Exactly Do We Do?

At Zoogly Media we blog and manage social media. Sounds simple enough however behind this are a serious amount of professional tools and a lot of experience.

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In the last 60 days we reached 2 Million People on line and we can help you to reach far more people than you ever thought possible.

But how?

Well lets say for a second that you are a club and have 60 students but you want to expand and grow to 100. How are you going to do this?

The answer  is simple- marketing.

Like it or not the only way you are going to grow your business is by marketing, be it via leaflets, word of mouth, posters or  any other form of marketing. This is really the only way you can grow.

However social media and internet marketing represents the best type of marketing you can employ.  This is what we can do for you at a price that you can afford.

Zoogly Media who now own The Self Defence Expert.com and a  range of other sites are here to take care of your Internet Marketing for a price of Just £15.67 per day!!!

Thats it!!!! So what do you get?

Blogging– We will not only blog for you but we will Build you a purpose built blog with cutting edge technology and image compression, your blog will be super fast and work on all devices. This blog will  be optimised for Search Engines so your club is found by anyone looking for martial arts training in your area.

We will write articles for your business and these articles will help you to be seen by more people on line. Our  articles always have an aim, that is why  we  are reaching a million people every month now. We want to help you reach far more  people than you ever imagined within your community.

Google Domination- People go on line to search for martial arts training, this is a fact. We will make sure your site and club is seen multiple times on the web. Your internet presence will be much larger.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation- We will get your current site ranking higher on Google for the terms your customers will be searching for. We will even help you get in front of customers looking for more popular martial arts in your area. Our Google Ninja tactics will get you seen by a lot more people!

Social Media Management- Over the years we have developed  a range of techniques that get you seen by the right people on social media. We take social media and expand your reach. We will post daily to your page members and help run competitions, give aways and much more.

Email Marketing- We will use email marketing in ways you never thought possible, we will take care of this aspect for you, emailing potential customers, current members and help you to reach far more people and get them coming on board as full time members of your school.

Detailed Reports- We will provide you with full detailed reports showing exactly how we have helped you.

No Contracts- We have a zero contract policy, if our work isnt benefiting you then just cancel at any time!

For a service like  this most media companies would charge several thousand pounds, SEO work alone (search engine optimisation) can cost in excess of £5,000 alone!!!!

We will charge you just £470 per month!!!!  This is a huge reduction against what we normally charge people for this same service!!!

Now we have a lot of work on at this moment so this offer will not be open for long, in fact we take on a limited number of clients so we can really focus on going a great service so if you are interested please get in touch with me either via Facebook

or email me on

[email protected]

We can help take your business to a new level!!!






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