Marcelo Garcia Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- Book Review

This book I had to get via  third party on Amazion as Aamzon UK didnt actually have the item. So I paid around the £20 mark. Was it money well spent? Of course it was, this is victory belt publishing and Marcelo Garcia.

The book is a large full colour book with loads of pictures. and at 336 pages long you wont be disapointed with the money you spent. The book breaks down the grappling game Garcia uses and has the following chapters.


Arm Drags- Garcia shows his complete use of this move, over 70 action packed and detailed pages

Establishing Back Control- How to get the back and make sure you stay there with sub chapters on counter tactics and getting the second hook

Sumissions from Back Control- Need I say more, a vast array of moves to have your opponent tapping

Takedows- A suprise chapter as I wouldnt have expected this but there are some pretty nifty moves

Attacking the guard- A whole chapter on how to deal with this position

and finally submissions- a large chapter with sub chapters on chokes, armbars and omoplatas.

So this book is jammed with all the moves anyone could ever need. However the text is where the book really steps up to the mark. Loads of information on how to make the move work.

Siomply put its another great book, jam packed full of information!


5 stars out of 5*****

Gold medal winner.  Get it, and dont delay

Andrew Holland


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