January 24

My Motivation…If found please return – by Michelle Fighting Back


This is another guest article from the brilliant motivational speaker and martial artists Michelle, who can found at https://michellefightingback.co.uk/, I suggest you check out her work and book her for some motivational speaking at your gyms, schools or dojos. Trust me she is brilliant! I am certain we can all relate to this article. Don’t forget to comment below and share your motivation issues and how you over came them.



Have you ever found yourself saying the dreaded words ‘I’ve lost my motivation?’

For the past 3 years training has been a huge part of my life.  I used to train anywhere between 4-7 days a week without fail.  I studied a wide range of arts which included Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kali, Boxing, Panantuken etc. Anyone that knows me will know that I rarely missed a training session, regardless if I’d been invited to a party, attended a funeral, it didn’t matter where I was invited to I would nearly always train first. Then my life changed.

Gradually my training schedule changed and during 2012 I bought my first ever house, which brought with it a lot of hard work.  I have put everything  into  transforming  my new house into a home.  I’ve never been happier, but it has left me with no motivation for the thing I used to feel so passionate and dedicated to.  However, I have managed to go for a few runs and done some lamp post sprints, but my fitness level is really poor now.  I have gained a stone in weight.  My diet isn’t as good as it once was and my water intake is at an all time low.  There have been occasions when I could have gone training, but I just couldn’t motivate myself and was left wondering…’Why has my motivation gone?’ and ’Will it ever come back?’

I did go to the Boxing Technique class a couple of months ago, as I thought ‘Right this is it!…I’m back training!’ It felt strange to be back at Boxing after such a long absence.  I had really missed my friends and exercising. Unfortunately it didn’t give me the buzz that it once had.  I walked out of the Boxing gym feeling that training had lost its sparkle and I wondered if it would ever return.  Something had changed inside of me.  Its left me wondering where has that passion, energy and excitement gone?  I want to train again, but I also want to enjoy my training like I once did.   I’m not moaning and I don’t look for sympathy from anyone.  I know I’m the only person that can make the changes in my life.

It’s a new year so hopefully I will find my motivation once again.

Happy New Year to you all 🙂  I hope you have a happy, smiley and motivated year ahead.

Big Hugs

Shell x

Michelle Fighting Back



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