August 28

The New Fighting Style of Batman Is……? You Wont Believe It!



The Last 3 Batman Films featured some pretty amazing fight scenes but they also were down to the stunt team and their involvement with the then called Keysi Fighting Method. Its pretty much movie fact that the creators of the Keysi Fighting Method Andy Norman and Justo Diguez  shaped the Batman Franchise by delivering a gritty fighting style that saw Batman take on multiple foes.

However for personal reasons Andy Norman split From Justo and the Keysi Fighting Method as it was then split into 2. Andy Norman put together the amazing Defence Lab and Justo went on to create Keysi by Justo. Ive not trained in the new Keysi but have trained in Defence Lab and its awesome

Either way you look at it I was really saddened to see an article on Batman News which said that a source has revealed that they have shot a scene in the new Superman V Batman film where Bruce Wayne goes to a underground MMA fight club.

Now nothing is concrete with this but I feel its clear that MMA could well and truly be the fighting style of Batman, yes perhaps jumping to conclusions but MMA??? Are we going to see Batman doing ground and pound? Personally I dont think MMA looks great in films, its just seems too sporty. I feel Defence Lab would have been a far better choice.

If you want to train with Andy Norman, the man who was responsible for the fighting seen in films like Jack Reacher then he will be teaching at Seni please click on the image below to get tickets, and to see him in action check out the video below.

For Tickets to Seni Click Here
For Tickets to Seni Click Here

Check out this amazing video and decide yourself, which style would you like to see Batman Use?

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