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Peter Sciarra- The Dawn of a new era in self defence Training!


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The Best Self Defence Instructor in the world is a title that would be under dispute by many people. After all coaching self defence has many layers to it including he soft skills such as awareness and verbal de escalation to the physical skills of the actual fighting.

There are of course many people who could step forward to claim the title of the worlds best self defence instructor if there was to be a competition for it from Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine, Richard Dimitri, Tony Blauer, Mo Teague, Hock Hockenheim and many many others. Its probably right that no one has ever officially received  that title because there are so many class acts out there. Yet despite this there are room for more and one such amazing talent is Peter Sciarra. However lets take a look at him in action before I reveal details of this amazing instructor





Like a lot of people I first heard of Peter from his youtube videos and was amazed at them, his speed and skill was simply awesome. Im not often blown away by someone because there is so much trash out there on the web in the world of self defence instructors, yet here I was watching the videos above and simply blown away at the skill level on display.

Now there are a lot of people who talk like they a good self defence coach, yet few out there that can deliver the goods on a physical level. Its a strange fact that in an era of keyboard and facebook warriors we have a guy here is has gained  an International status as a great coach by simply showing what he can do. Actions can speak louder than words and Peters skills certainly speak volumes! There is something almost poetic about that. Someone in self defence who is a do’er and not just a talker.

Immediately I searched the web and discovered that Peter lives in the sunny land of Australia and I wanted to know more about this guy, what system does he teach and where did he learn such amazing skills? So I simply got in touch and thankfully Peter has supplied the following information but before I write any more this is what Hock Hockenheim had to say about Peter Sciarra:

“Peter is a fireball when it comes to fighting and combatives.”

Peters Training in his own words:

 In the mid 80s, I started training when I was 13 years in a system that Incorporated Wing Chan,Japanese ju jujitsu and Kick boxing.

I was introduced to integrating Martial systems right from the start, and I never did the traditional thing. Got my first black belt when I was 16.I was extremely dedicated,training up to 3-4 hours a day. This really set a solid foundation for future training.I also got into weight training form a young age.  I even built my first gym set out of bricks and broom sticks when I was 12 years.

Having chronic asthma as a child and a stutter, I was often pick on school by bullies at school ,I was always sick and underweight.This was my initial motivation to train. Between 17-20 years old I competed in Body building competitions,winning a Junior Mr Australia title at 19 years old. At this time I began working in the security industry as a bouncer.I was involve in my fair share of violence, I quickly found out what worked and what didn’t. This is when I really started to develop my own way of fighting.

I continued training in Muay Thai/Kick boxing for number of years.But my true passion was always realistic street self defence. The rules and limitations of combat sports always bothered me. In 2001 I discovered Hock Hochhiem’s Close Quarter Combat System. I trained in Australia for a number of years,then made multiple trips to the U.S to train with Hock.I also did a quite a bit of wrestling and BJJ training. In 2006 I received level 10(black belt equivalent). I taught students mainly out of my garage for a while, then in 2010 I started ICS (Integrated Combat Systems). I liked name because it had no limitations and could evolve.

Being a unknown instructor,I put out a number of videos on youtube of me doing my stuff,this got a lot of international attention. As a result I have taught seminars in around Australia,U.S, New Zealand and Hong Kong and I will coming to Europe this year.


WOW!! What an honest article. Now I do not know if Peter is the best self defence instructor in the world but I can simply tell by looking at his combination of experience and skills he is among the best out there. My verdict is simple if you can get a chance to train with Peter then do so, he is available for seminars across the globe and his website is where you will find all his information including how to contact him.

Peter is one of a few instructors out there who are ushering in a new dawn of self defence instructors who are able to mix grappling and  striking, weapon work and awareness and avoidance into one amazing package. personally this is the direction that quality self defence training needs to go in and I think its fantastic that Peter has taken the brave step to put his stuff on the web and showcase his skills.

Peter is a down to earth person who I look forward to training with one day. Without doubt its easy to say this:

“Peter Sciarra simply is one of the best self defence instructors in the world. Just watch his videos and see real skill in action!”

Keep safe folks.

Andrew Holland


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  1. Just want to say to Patrick Campbell, you must just be a stud. If your so good, start doing something constructive rather than trying to make someone else look bad. You have probably never been in a knife fight, and have no real life combat experience. Arm chair quarterback. Personally I have trained, survived knife attacks and have 30 years personal security experience. I like what Peter teaches, he is aggressive, teaches a no bs system that is effective. Nothing is fool proof in real life knife attack. i don’t care what you think you know.

  2. did, NO-ONE NOT NOTICE peter grabbing the knife by the blade on several occasions?, 17 seconds in, disarm on ground, knife unsecured and only 3-4 inches away from his OWN femoral artery,that could lead to a FATAL injury!
    21 secs in recommends punching the end on someones knife weilding hand whilst they’re still holding the blade!?!, the follow through action of punching and gravity would probably lead to you cutting yourself 50% of the time, imagine punching a blade at full force? which is basically what you’re doing!!, he then completely releases opponent before grabbing over the oppenent face, doesnt really do anything execept grab?? couldve punched/palm heeled, poor technique!!.
    29 secs in spins opponent round for NO REASON, doesnt actually break opponents posture, then instructs students to strike at the back of the head centimetres away from cerebral cortex, (murder/manslaughter if it goes wrong), the whole time during this technique, knife arm is UNSECURED!!!
    38seconds GRABS knife by blade
    56seconds grabs knife by blade again, 1min 08, grabs knife by blade again 1min 17 knife by blade
    1min 27 knife by blade AGAIN
    1min 31, peter rolls opponent over him with knife pointed towards peters heart!?!?!,do i need to continue, slow the videos down and see for yourself!!!! I couldnt bear to watch anymore of the twaddle, no offense but this awful and dangerous. I’m sure that peter may well be a good coach, but anyone can see that those techniques are shoddy at best.
    Grabbing a knife by the blade TENDS to cut soft tissues, I dont know about you, but i actually like my fingers the way they are!, and i would also prefer not to stab myself! lmao

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think it would be better for Peter to comment about his techniques.

      1. Mr Holland would you grab a knife by the blade?
        how about grappling on the floor in a situation where your likely to get your head kicked in by johnny cokehead and billy steroids with their girlfriends trying to play soccer with your face at 3a.m outside a nightclub??
        Maybe if your starring in the next john woo movie you might wanna grapple someone trying to murder you with a blade with a somersault and a “kiaaaaaa!!!”, and win because your the “hero” with good hair and great abs, but in 2013 thats how people get killed, you may well be bruce lee on acid, jackie chan on pcp, it doesnt matter how flash your techniques or how “strong” your hair is because one mistake and your head will be playing kerby on concrete….
        I dont fancy severing my fingers, being gutted, or having an artery cut, my head being stamped on, murdering an adversary with a poorly executed or illegal technique. I’m not saying peter sciarra is a bad instructor, but he CLEARLY isnt fluent in edged weapon disarmament/tactics, you wouldnt post a promo video of knife tactics online without believing in it would you?. Analyse the footage for yourself, please tell me i’m mistaken.
        Have a nice Day 🙂

  3. As a self-defense coach myself, I believe that Peter has a tremendous amount of skill and I applaud his success. There is just the right amount of real self-defense in there, and just the right amount of “flash” (that appeals to the masses) that makes ICS incredibly marketable as well. As a self-defense teacher, it is hard to make a living at it, especially when many martial art schools claim to teach the same thing. In this age, there is little doubt in my mind that Peter will quickly climb the ranks.

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