October 21

Pressure Point Poison, Defence Lab And Eddie Quinn’s The Approach This is a Seminar Worth Every penny


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There are not really many seminars I go to or would like to go. Personally I have been ripped off in the past at seminars and as a result I am really selective  about what I would go to. However there is one this week that I WISH I could attend (Sadly I have to work). This is perhaps the MUST GO seminar of the year because it is a collaboration between 3 of the leading systems, styles and Instructors in the UK ( and world).

Those styles are Eddie Quinns The Approach, Defence Lab (as taught by expert Mikey Wright) and Pressure Points by Anthony Pillage. The Venue is Anthonys Gym – The Way of the Spiritual Martial Arts in Coventry. The date is this Sunday 26th October 2014

The Approach is one of the most talked about systems of self defence and it is created by Eddie Quinn who gave us a fantastic interview here. I asked Eddie for a few words to sum up his Approach seminar and why you need to go, here is what he said.

“The Approach is a method of Self protection that is easy to learn, use and retain. It has been taught to police, anti poaching units in South Africa, Overseas Prime Ministers Body Guard detachment, anti piracy security, Tour De France CP Teams, Olympic CP teams to name just a few. The Approach has also been taught to thousands of men, women and children throughout the world. Its unique selling point is that it can be learnt in hours not years”


Everyone who talks about Eddie and The Approach literally raves about the systems and on Sunday Eddie will be teaching his method and this alone would be worth going.

Defence Lab

Did you like the fight scenes in Jack Reacher? If so then you will love Defence Lab because thats what is in the films. The system used in Jack Reacher was taught and devised by Andy Norman who is a martial arts legend. On Sunday his unique system of self defence will be showcased by the amazing Mikey Wright. Mikey comes from a background in a variety of martial arts and is the real deal, he hits like a sledgehammer and moves like lightning.

Mikey is one of the worlds best Defence Lab Instructors and part of Andy Norman’s Elite Team Storm. For those of you on the fence about this one dont be and go and try it out.

Anthony Pillage’s Pressure Point Poison 

If you like martial arts but hate the idea of pressure points this seminars is for you. If you want to learn REAL pressure points then this seminar is for you and if you want to really learn to drop people via that ‘sweet spot’ then THIS SEMINAR IS REALLY FOR YOU!!!

Pressure Points get slated out there but trust me they work, however you need to learn the right ones from the best people. None are better at showing the realistic application of pressure points than Mr Anthony Pillage. He is one of the worlds leading experts and his knowledge and techniques are awesome.

Anthony is going to show you his most effective techniques and I assure you that this will blow you away. So if you want to see what pressure points are really about then come down.

So 3 world class and in demand instructors, one amazing event and for one small fee! Go to www.wayofthespiritualwarrior.co.uk and give them a call. There are a few places left so book today to avoid missing out!


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