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Review of Kettlebells For Grapplers By Matt D Aquino


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2008 Olympian Matt D Aquino has released some amazing products over the years and I own them all.

Judo Training at Home

Workouts for Judo

Strength Training for Judo

The above 3 are my favourite, so when Matt announced he was releasing a new product I was certain I was going to get it ( I actually knew I would get it as a paid member of Matts Uni of Judo you get all his products at no extra cost!!!). To be honest I have a little personal side story about how I got into kettlebells

I dropped a lot of weight from 94 kilos to 81 kilos after I trained hard and was following Matts workouts for Judo programme. However I felt that I had lost a lot of my strength in the process.

I contacted Matt via email (as I am also a member of his Uni of Judo) and asked him his advice. Now I explained to Matt that I didnt have time to go to the gym and lift weight and I needed something that I could do at home. Matt Suggested getting a kettlebell and sent me some links and resources. After that day I was hooked.

So when Matt told me about his new product called kettlebells for Grapplers and I was desperate to get it. Primarily because I trust that Matt makes some amazing products and also because Im kettlebell carzy.


Now first off Ill say that this is definitely a product for grapplers and not just Judoka. Matt is a Purple belt in BJJ and knows his stuff.

The product is essentially a series of  manuals with workouts along with 3 videos showing the techniques.Each has a section and they are beginner, Intermediate and of course advanced. Now this is fatalistic because this means the product is for everyone and not just those that are already strong.

Each section has Matt explaining exactly what the techniques are and how to do them safely and he builds upon the exercises nicely, Matt is a guy who is all about good form and his shows this throughout each video.

What I liked about this product is that it really does take a person from zero to experienced. The beginner programme includes information on purchasing a kettlebell and then takes you through each workout.Now as I stated each workout has  a PDF guide of about 8 pages long but Matt also has a big daddy bonus package with this programme.

I personally hate the term bonus as it brings to mind the term ‘add on’. However I know Matt delivers a huge 31 page long workout book that packs in more workouts than you can image. For those of you who really want to crank things up he has included a few other guides including another video called Killer kettlebells. This for me really was amazing. He gives you workouts that will just blast your cardio through the roof, sadly for me I am still only at the intermediate stage so I have plenty more to get through but Im itching to get started on those workouts in that video and e book.

For the hardcore grapplers among you Matt has added a great No Gi Take downs and armlock video. The armlock video looks at how to release the juji gatame and is again a great guide.


I personally really like this programme, it is packed with value and has a lot of depth to it. Matt really has put a lot of effort in to create a product that will help grapplers and to be honest all martial artists to get fitter.

On a side note, Matt is a really nice guy. I recently was diagnosed with asthma and Matt has been offering me his expert advice for free on how to get fit. So thanks Matt and if you are interested in his new programme which I highly recommend then click here for more information

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