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A Review of Neil Adams Judo Excellence Series


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Neil Adams is perhaps the most decorated British Martial Artist of all time! 2 x Olympic Medal winner and former World Judo Champion! They dont come any better and to be honest any more technical. So when Neil brings out a DVD I tend to buy it.

Think about this for a second, a former world champion brings out a DVD that helps you to throw more people, become more technical and get to learn from the best. Its  simple Im going to be having that! So when Fighting Films  brought out a Judo Excellence Series and it had Neil Adams as the star and doing the teaching I decided to take my web browser to the Fighting Films site and happily off load my hard earned cash- I wasnt disappointed.

[su_heading size=”25″]Why You Need This DVD[/su_heading]

I love training but I do lack what I call technical training. If Im honest its an area of knowledge I really need to work on but finding resources is tough. Matt D Aquino’s University of Judo is one of the few resources out there that focus on making you better, Neil Adams was of course a vast leader in Judo and fitness publications some years ago and had numerous books published, many of which you can buy second hand. Somehow as BJJ grew its base of fans and customers using multi media and books Judo lagged behind. In fact without Fighting Films, Neil Adams, Rhadi Ferguson and Matt D Aquino there would be virtually zero Judo training resources out there in Multi media format. A Big thanks to all of you for your hard work.

So when a new book or a new DVD comes out I make it my personal mission to investigate it and if the reviews are good I buy it. Why? So I can get better by using the best information and coaching I can, be it seminars, driving an hour to get to training with the best (I do this!) or buying a book or dvd.

Neil Adams Judo Excellence does what it says on the tin! It supports the growth of Excellence in Judo. So before I give my review Ill say this- If you want to get better in Judo you need to study more and train not just harder but smarter as well! Thats why you need to buy this dvd

[su_heading size=”25″]Whats Good About it?[/su_heading]

Well first of all the Value. It costs a mere £25 for a massive downloadable DVD (and for the tight people among you there is an option to download each part for a  smaller individual price).

Secondly the quality- as with all fighting films DVD’s you are treated to a massive display of superb camera work, great lighting and angles.this recording is silky smooth.

And finally the actual instruction- Yes I know this is a given but people still ask. Neil Adams instruction is superb, he breaks down each technique into parts having shown you the whole technique and he then goes into superb detail explaining where to place the hands, kazushi, body movement and every other detail you could imagine. And after breaking it down he then puts the technique together to show devastating yet graceful Judo.

In simple terms this DVD series is a Gold medal winner!

[su_heading size=”25″]Who Will Benefit from This DVD?[/su_heading]

This is pretty simple. Anyone who buys and watches this DVD will benefit, be it coaches or players. However the DVD will also benefit grapplers in systems such as BJJ and Sambo. This DVD really is amazing.

In addition you can download this  DVD or watch it on line. Th is is a great idea because a coach can take the download on his mobile phone to his club and use it as a tool for teaching, a reminder to himself (or herself) and players can also use it in a similar way.

So I have to give the Judo Excellence series 5 out of 5 and a Gold medal! Go and get it you simply wont be disappointed.

For my exclusive interview with Neil Adams click here

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