April 26

Review of Sambo Leglocks for No Gi Grappling by Reilly Bodycomb


Review of Sambo leglocks for No Gi Grappling


The review of Sambo leglocks for No gi grappling is going to be unforgiving, brutal, no holds barred and pull no punches. Why? Well thats simple, I purchased this from Budo videos and had it shipped to the UK and once again have been stung by the mighty importation tax!!!! On a thin DVD WHAT!!!.


So Reilly Bodycomb feel my wrath!!!! Wait just a minute, Ive put this dvd on and have been given a rather pleasant shock. The sting felt by the tax issue has gone away instead I am listening to the DVD and looking at the high quality footage and well Im getting excited because my money has been well worth it!!


This DVD is basically Sambo leglocks for either No Gi, Self Defence or MMA. Its a recording of a few seminars that Reilly Bodycomb Sambo expert has done and the quality is just brilliant, what Reilly does is show case some of the best level instruction out there. A few years ago ( many infact) when I started colected these tapes I had the Rorion Gracie series for Gracie Jiu Jitsu and also the Frank Shamrock stuff. What these instructors have in abundance is that rare gift of explaining the tiny details that make the difference. This showcases knolwedge and experience but also shows the difference of a truly world class instructor. Now I hadnt heard of Reilly Bodycomb until I saw him at https://lockflow.com/  and thought this guy knows what hes on about, now Im no beginner with leglocks, I train under Georgi Georgiev who is a leglock master and former Sambo and Judo International. So I know my stuff, however this DVD has set a standard that Georgi will I am sure match.


The DVD is wells structured with a great layout and menu system. It has 2 discs and has an animated menu so you get a look at the sections first, nice touch Reilly! Now the instruction is clear, full of great details and the depth is very impressive. First the basics are covered in detail. This is a good thing as it clears up common mistakes, then the dvd goes on to cover leg control, leg knots, toe holds, Viktor Rolls and much more.


I like to do short snappy reviews and this is the same so Ill end it now.


The verdict, its a Gold medal winner- no flashy graphics, no fuss just an amazing seminar DVD. The best DVD on leg locks yet that kicks Ryan Halls into touch and for my money shows that good content is always most importnat than a top name.


5 stars out of 5 Gold medal winner!!!


Do yourself a favour get this DVD now, his new DVD comes out soon and this is what you need to be watching if you want to add volumes to your game.


If you didnt know I love leg locks and if you like them too or want to know more then this DVD is the industry standard. Reilly Bodycomb could do for Sambo what Fighting Films have done for Judo.


Excellent product!!!!!!!



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  1. ive read tons of books, watched tons of dvds, and trained in BJJ, Muay Thai, and other arts for a couple of years. This is the best leg-lock dvd set ever. no theres not 1001 ways to do a heel hook, but what he shows you is EFFECTIVE, what he shows wont take you years to understand. Its just simply amazing. dvd 2 continues from the first. He shows the positions you want while leg locking, and shows which leg locks to go for, shows some defenses, counter attacks against defenses, stand upmtechniques, etc. HIGHLY reccomend because it will change your leg lock game forever. The best part(s) IMO are the leg lock positions. just pure gold. GET THIS SET. However, even these dvds wont be complete without his DYNAMIC ENTRYS DVD. he shows a few standup moves in the leg lock set but it is the focus in dynamic entrys. made for combat sambo/mma. fast moves that go right into submissions. GET THESE DVDS.

    Again these are not my first instructionals, but they are probably the best ive ever had / seen

    1. Your right both sets are very very cool. I think he has a great teaching style

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