April 26

Review of Shinjido DVD- Danny Dacosta a dvd by fighting films


Aikido has a special place in my heart, the reason behind this is that when I was being bullied at school the book I picked up and bought from the book shop was called the Dynamic Sphere. In my opinion this is the worlds greatest martial arts book, it took me to try and find a local Aikido club of which I couldnt get, so I ended up training in boxing as my father was a coach. However I still studied that book all the time and I found that Aikido was graceful and looked amazing.  I never studied the art again other than reading about it. Why you may ask? The answer to that is that MMA got in the way, then Judo, I did try Aikido again once however the timing wasnt right for me and still isnt. However it is an art I will do, that much I know.

The reason I share this is because I believe Aikido has a lot to offer especially in combat terms. Judo may have enjoyed grand sports status over the years but its graceful cousin Aikido also has a lot to offer the world and certainly does wioth thousands of believers. Yet what would happend if you took a master in both arts and looked to create something new, a mixture and also some new concepts as well? Thats what Shinjido is about.

Fighting films which is a world wide known Judo dvd production company put the Shinjido DVD out and I purchased it out of curiosity. I was extremely happy with the result. The dvd is packed and I mean packed with great techniques that mix Judo and Aikido. The dvd itself has 2 sections, they are Shinjido for Judo and Shinjido for self defence and in both you will find some very impressive techniques that are off the wall but clearly work. Among them is G.A.P. or gravity assisted power. This concept is perhaps something that deserves world wide aclaim as it is simply put “a technique of physics” . This one concept should be up there with Richard Dimitris Shredder and Tony Blauers Spear techniques that have featured so heavily in the modern self defence world. G.A.P. should be on the Police and military training manuals in my humble opinion.

The moves are variations and difficult to explain so I wont try, Howver this is not new, Shinjido or Dannys Way has proabably been around as long as Danny Dacosta has. This DVD presents great value for money and it is sheer quality. I am certain you will learn something new from this and who knows it may save your life. No even if this wasnt enough reason for you to buy this DVD there is a very short section by Neil Adams who is a Judo legend and Ray Stevens who is just as good in Judo terms.  The dvd has grips, grips breaks, throws, footwork, armlocks, takedowns and much much more along with the worlds best multiple person knife defence clip ever. ( its really funny but you will have to buy it to find out)

So my review of this dvd is Gold medal award, five starts out of five.

Why, lets list the reasons you should get on the fighting films website and buy this dvd today:

1. Its unique, you havent seen anything like this before

2. It combines Judo and Aikido

3. It has both self defence and Judo moves on here

4. It has extras with Neil Adams and Ray Stevens

5. World Class production

6. Its really funny!!!!

Do yourself a favour get it now.


This is the business

***** 5 out of 5 get it now.


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