Review of the Winning Edge DVD by Barry Gibson from GrappleFit

Hi Folks,

A friend of mine who will remain nameless once said to me “Fatigue is the number one submission”. This is so true and we all know what its like to be gassing from exhaustion and to have a lesser skilled person have a field day with you on the mat. So how do you stop it. Well Ive seen a few dvds/ e books on grappling fitness and one interested me by a guy named Barry Gibson. He is a regular contributor to fighters only magazine among others and his you tube channel has some cool workouts on it. So I thought Id give it a go.


The costs of the dvd is £25 and the purchase method was easy via his website. The cost isnt bad for the dvd as a real pet hate of mine is the criminal costs of some dvd packages. Anyone who charges £100 for a 5 pack of dvds is in my humble opinion being a rip off merchant. Often promising the earth with new techniques and skills that will make you a superstar overnight, hard work, skill, a good coach and time make people great and no dvd can replace this. Over the top marketing is something that I hate and needs to be stopped. However Barrys website does something different. It makes it clear what you are getting and if you follow the routines you wiill be fit. However it also talks about the need for you to put the work in, So Barry has it just right in this marketing respect.

The dvd took a week or so to arrive due to Barry needing more stock, thats a good sign and it wasnt an issue. I never got a grapplefit pen As promosed but again that doesnt bother me. The dvd comes nicely packaged as another pet hate of mine is dvds cheaply put in an envelope and thats it. So to have a nice product worth keeping is cool. Also in the pack are cards which have been laminated which show the workouts so you can take them with you, again a nice touch. But what of the meat of the dvd, whats the product like.

The menu systems are very cool and good graphics and its a well produced dvd. However the core aspect is the stuff that you learn. Some of the best workouts Ive seen and having done a few of them now I can tell you that this dvd will do as it says. WATCH IT AND BECOME A CARDIO AND POWER MACHINE THAT WILL OUTLAST YOUR OPPONENTS. SIMPLE!!!

Im not going to overdo this review however I feel that this dvd is an essential purchase for all mma atheletes/grapplers out there.  Get this dvd and learn some amazing moves and more importantly how to put them together. This is a pure fitness dvd that will enhance you as there is simply no substitute for fitness when it comes to combat sports. Im not goging to give anymore away, simply because Barry has done this the right way. Produced a dvd and payment price that lets you get a quality product with a few extras. It is an excellent product, great value for money and priced just right. Get it soon and see your fitness explode but only if you put the work in.

Trust me the workouts and new moves will blow you away!!


five out of five

***** gold medal winner !!!!

Andrew Holland


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