Review of Winning on the Mat: Judo,Freestyle Judo and Submission Grappling by Steve Scott

Here is another great review for you to feast your eyes over and as always this is a short and snappy one so you can read the review and get back to training. I dont do massive descriptionsof the content, what you really need to know is roughly what the book or dvd is about, is it any good, and shoudl you get it. It doesnt take poage after page to tell you this, so here we go.

The review is on the book called Winning on the mat and its by Steve Scott who has authored several books before of which I havent reviewed any of them yet. So whats this book about, well its in the title. Its all about winning on the mat and the book is ideal for those involved in Judo and BJJ. Its designed primarily for Gi based grappling which the title suggests isnt the case.  So if you are of No Gi only stsyles, then I dont think you will gain an awful lot from the book that you can find in other no Gi books and dvd’s.

Ok so whats the good, bad and the ugly about this book?  Its simply awesome!!!! Ive read an amazing amount of Judo books and this for me is possibly the best book of its kind out there. It covers how to win at Judo and get your techniques to score. It is packed with amazing black and white photos of competition and studio techniques.

Now what is covered is ground work, the major throws like drop seoi nage and uchimata (AND MANY MORE),pins, arm locks and chokes. There is a great guide following every photo and so much text that you can go back to this book for years to come.

The price tag is around £21 which is quite expensive and considering you can get a glossy full colour victory belt book for a few quid less you may be nervous about the purchase. Dont be, I have a number of VB books and this makes them look like a series of magazine articles. Winning on the mat is a book about how to get your opponent off his feet and hit the mat with force.

Ive heard mixed reviews about Steve Scotts other works however this is a must buy. I repeat a must buy. I personally have picked up some new skills in a few reads and you will as well. If I was to describe its content, it is a collection of a great Juodka and grapplers skills that he has performed, learned or observed over a large number of years. This book is a master text of Judo books and as such should belong on your shelf.

Whats inside:

Winning Concepts,grip fighting,defence,forwardthrows,knee drop throws,inner thigh throws,pick up throws,reaping throws,leg hooks,foot sweeps,body drop throws,sacrifice throws,groundfighting,pinnign and pin escapes,breakdowns,armlocks and strangling!


Now thats what i call value for money, its available from and

Gold medal winner

5 out of 5

***** get it now, simply the best book on Judo out there. On par with Yamashitas fighting spirit and also best judo.

Andrew Holland


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