April 26

Ryan Hall’s 50/50 Leglock DVD Review


Ryan Halls 50/50 dvd is a unique product in the fact that it showcases Ryan Halls methods since he split from Lloyd Irvins camp. The dvd is a very comprehensive product as it showcases the 50/50 guard. In case you didnt know this postition is a place where you can beat a more experienced and skilled grappler. The problem is that the guard heavily relies on the inverted heel hook as its major move. This is often banned from competition and for good reason. The move is the most dangerous in leglocks and will result in a serious injury if the tap is not done quickly. However for self defence situations the move is very good.


So what do you get for your money? An awful lot actually. Ryan Teaches everything from the heel hook, straight ankle lock, guard passes and transitions along with entries. However what you pay for is Ryans detailed explanations of each move. He is very scientific and has a good understanding of leverage and also anatomy as he explains everything with such detail.


The move may not be one you can use a lot depending on your type of style/system however you need to know this for self defence and to become a more well rounded grappler.


My suggestion is that you get this set as it will enhance your knowledge and skill. This is a very good leglock dvd and should be on every serious grapplers dvd shelf!


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