August 14

Self Defence Is Broken: This Is How We Can Fix It


They have wrecked our industry.

They have almost broken it beyond repair.


The fakers, the takers, those that care about one thing and one thing only, their bank balance.

Self-defence is a serious business, so we need to treat it that way.

So why have we let so many of these people command such a lot of attention?

The sad fact is that the negative gets shared online far more than the positive these days and when it comes to self-defence that is more so.

Every week I get a call, a message or an email from someone saying "did you see what they put online now?"

And I view it, more out of curiosity than anything else but I add to the attention, and the viewing figures rack up.

Facebook and YouTube have stripped the respect away from Self-Defence.

It has made the industry a laughing stock.

Now the bad gets shared more than the good; the good is hard to find.

But here lies the problem, for every video from a serious self-defence instructor the fakers get 1000 more views from the gullible and needy.

People watch the videos looking for 'truth', and they fall in love with the idea that all fights end in seconds and that a few 'Gucci' moves will stop that guy from caving your head in.

The danger is that they buy the DVD, get the T-Shirt, take the lessons and then become an instructor.

This is the virus effect of self-defence.

So we now have an industry where the inexperienced lead the inexperienced, where the 'real' guys (and girls) are drowned out.

Those with skills are locked out, those with the 'know how' are out in the cold, drowned by those with big fake voices.

This blog started as my voice of reason, my route to shout 'hey that is bullshit.'People did not like me calling them bullshitters.

I had the people who have never experienced the reality of violence telling me I was wrong.After 17 years in the police, seeing real violence up close, being hurt, headbutted, bitten and assaulted I was told I was wrong by not one but many instructors.

They gave their opinion and convinced people to follow them.

The industry is broken; the tail is wagging the dog.

But there is an alternative.

There is a choice.

We can rid the industry together of these fakers, the ones that care about their bank balances over the safety of their students.


We need to go deep.

Deep Learning In Self Defence: Make The Frauds Feel The Pressure

Have you ever seen footage of the ocean floor, not much lives there because there is little light and no warmth.

But it is the pressure that gets to them; most sea creatures cannot survive the intense pressure at the bottom of the sea.

This is where the industry must go.

We must dive deep into the subject of self-defence and make this an intellectual battle.

There the fakers will not be able to stand the pressure, their arguments and techniques will fall apart.

It is at this depth we must go if we want to stay ahead of the game. It is at this depth if we must go if we are to show the true value of self-defence.

We must descend into the deep abyss of self-protection.

This is not the endless accumulation of techniques but the deeper understanding of tactics.It is through tactics that the 'fakers' fall apart.

So what do you say?

Let's journey to the depths of self-protection together.

Let us learn through our shared experiences and let us rewrite the rules of the industry.

The leaders are not those who paid their licence fees; the leaders are those that are still learning.

The leaders are those that paid their dues.

So if you have questions on self-defence, if you know you still have more to learn (and so do I) then join me.

I will be launching the first online self-defence seminar that will last six weeks.

This is not a seminar of techniques; this is one of tactics.

I will be telling you more about it soon but for now, let the fakers leave the room.

It is time for the real slim shady's to stand up!

Let us change the industry together.



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