April 24

Why Self Defence is now a Home for Thugs to learn to Fight!


sweep the leg


When I first started to teach self defence I believed that it was all about teaching a person to get home safe. To teach the average person to survive against the odds. However somewhere it has gone wrong

Go on the internet and you will see numerous examples of guys teaching to cripple, maim and induce horrendous injuries. This is not self defence.

Now before the creation of reality based self defence a nasty person would have to go to boxing or other martial arts to learn to fight. They mostly didnt last long. A few rounds of sparring often bruised their prides so much that they never came back. They never lasted long enough to develop the skills that martial arts and boxing gives.

However this is no longer the case. Reality based self defence has given rise to the growth of men who are simply training to fight. There is a big difference between people training to fight and people learning self defence.

The swagger of an instructor who boasts of inflicting pain as if the opponent isnt human. This is not responsible, this is mere fighting on pub car parks.This is people training one way, hitting pads and training with people who don’t hit back hard.

Now any lunatic can be an instructor.

The only thing we can do is to train responsibly and promote the correct training of self defence. All I ask is that you ask yourself if you are teaching or learning self defence or is it just plain violence you are learning.

“why Grandma what big teeth you have”- A wolf in any clothing is still a wolf.

Keeps safe and train hard





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