August 27

The Amazing Blind Judo Players- Videos Included


Sometimes life can pass you by and you just get stuck into your own world. A life that can feel full of moans and groans. We often get told how lucky we are and whilst we know it is true it doesn’t stop us from feeling a bit of self pitty. We feel sorry for ourselves, blame others for our mistakes and often get trapped into a cycle of negative thinking.

The answer to situations like this is to look for inspiration. I am fortunate to be surrounded be inspiring people and opportunities. An example of this was that recently I was invited to train with the Para Olympic Judo team of Brazil. I wont lie, I only managed an hour before I had to shoot off which was  shame but to be in the same room as these people was an honour.

What was also amazing was to see Britain’s 3 time Para Olympic Judo Gold Medallist Simon Jackson on the mat. I have met Simon and done Randori a few times with him and he has smashed me to the mat more than I can recall. The skill level Simon brings to the mat as do all the Visually Impaired Judo Players should serve as Inspiration to us all. These are people that showcase that it is about what is inside you that matters and you can overcome physical adversity to achieve greatness. The Para Olympics is an amazing event and we need to understand just how brilliant the Judo is on display. These people do not have a full visual field, they do not have full eye sight, yet they fight with amazing skill and more importantly hearts the size of elephants.

So if you are looking for inspiration in your own life, check out the para Olympics and the visually impaired Judo players

To show this I have 2 you tube clips to share. Both are amazing. Hope you find them inspiring and useful


Keep Safe




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