January 31

The Best Self Defence Blog-10,000 reads this month!!


Well its been a busy few months here at The Self Defence Expert.com. In just a few months we have grown from a few visitors a day to 10,000 visitors a month. Yes, you read this right!!

We have smashed our 10,000 visits target for January 2013 and yes I am a very happy bunny. That actual figure is at time of writing 10,187 visits

I would like to thanks my supporters and content writers for their help in reaching this target and I believe we are fast becoming the best self defence blog in the world.

We officially launched this blog at the end of April 2012 and it has grown quicker than I can believe but it has been the result of intelligent as well as hard work.

Now before we go and drink a glass of bubbly let me be clear, this is just the beginning! I want the blog to grow and crack into the bigger audience in the self defence (or self defense if you are in the USA) and whilst it may not be the best self defence blog at the moment, I would like it to become that in a short amount of time, but only with your help!

Now my first goal is to make this into a business and with that we need advertising. So here is a big shout out to all those companies and martial arts systems out there that want to be seen by 300- 500 martial artists each day, get in touch!!! You can contact me at the contact and consultation page.

This site is growing and growing fast, just to show this here are our visitor stats:

Sept -1763

Oct- 2672

Nov -5574


Jan 2013- 10,187

Now I’m not a betting man but if I was I would be backing this site for major things. Well partly because I know just what I have planned for the site and secondly because in an era where high street shops are shutting down and magazines are going out of print I have taken a small blog and developed it into an international success (I am well aware that it is small given the size of other blogs and the web).

The future of this site looks amazing and to give a hint on what’s to come would really spoil things, but needless to say I plan on getting about and doing some real guest reports. Our team of content writers will be giving more fresh and unique views. I already have list of articles to post.

The ultimate bottom line is that I WANT to give people jobs. Yes thats right, my goal of this blog is to get people writing content and being able to pay them for it. Now of course the only way to do this is via advertisements.

So if you want to be apart of this amazing brand then get in touch! It is really that simple.


So once again thank you for the support on making this a huge success.


Keep safe






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