The Grapple fit Files by Barry Gibson. Book review

The Grapplefit Files

The next item I purchased from was the grapplefit files. Now I’ve looked on the site and I couldn’t find this product now as I purchased it for £25 via his email list a week ago so I got my hands on it first. My understanding is that it will be on the site soon and it will cost more however you will be able to buy it via download as well.

This product is simply a ‘no fluff’ product. It is a file containing every article written by Barry for 6 or so years. It is 84 pages with no photos and quite large text. So don’t expect full colour glossy images with this one. However the content is what really matters. It is literally a gold mine of information. Every workout in here will get you super strong and super fit. Body weight workouts, heavy hands, kettelbells, Bulgarian Bags, Sandbags and much more are all inside. I will go on record here and to say that if Barry adds photos and gets a main stream publisher behind him this book would be the best fitness manual out there. It is a great book, just don’t expect it to be anything other than pure information. Again as with his DVD, this book is great for any instructors out there. I wikll however say that for beginners then this probably isnt the greatest product due to the lack of photos however Barry has a you tune channel packed with videos and demonstartions of various exercises.

The text is well written and full of drills and ideas to take your training to the next level. MJy suggestion is that if you like combat and grappling training then get a look at these products today they will help your fitness goals and you cant go wrong if a product gets you fiter and stronger.



Andrew Holland


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