The Hock is Coming to Coventry- Hock Hockheim Seminar

OK so that’s a little bit of fun on my part but one of the best Self Defence Experts in the world is coming to the UK in september to conduct a seminar on September 7th at The Way of the Spiritual Martial Arts Dojo. The instructor is none other than world class expert Hock Hockheim.

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts & Pilates Coventry


Tel: 024 76 331239

This is your chance to train with a genuine martial arts legend here in Coventry Uk. The cost is only £99 for 8 hours with one of the worlds foremost authorities on real world violence

Ever wonder why Hock conducts about 40 seminars a year in 11 different countries and has for the last 17 years? With little to almost no advertising, he does this? Wonder why he sees over 2,000 citizens, cops and soldiers each year? And he’s gone as far as Southwest Asia to train the military? He’s taught at the South African Police Academy. He has no catchy sales “crutch” like Krav Maga, Bruce Lee, SWAT, Systema etc. Just him. How and why is he still around, still thriving while others come and go? One answer is simple – his unique approach and his pragmatic, event-based, practical, tactical, quality material.

Heres What Hock Says:


“Hello and welcome to my hand, stick, knife and gun training webpage. A model, a mission statement since 1996 when I founded this congress of systems and ideas. My mission – to “bridge the gap between the military, the police, the martial artist and the aware citizen.” Each group knows things about fighting that the other doesn’t.

A lot has happened since that inception in 1996. I have taught and worked with many experts worldwide. I have learned and experimented a lot with about 40 seminars a year in 11 different countries as far away as South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and in Europe…

I am constantly on the hunt for pragmatic, tactical and practical material to improve training and performance. Your performance. This is all about you, your shape, your size, your age, your strength. You.

I am here to inspire not confine you into some cookie-cutter, one-size -fits-all myth.

All fights and combat are highly, highly situational. We live in a mixed weapon’s world and a mixed peoples world with rules of engagement and use of force issues. It’s complicated, but often can be simplified within the right enlighted framework.

I have crafted this special, critical framework that offers basic, advanced and expertise physical and psychological skills that work for citizens, the military and the police. When you strip it all down to the bare essence of combat, you find the real truth. All we need to do is customize some of the “before, during and after” steps to gear it for each group as needed. Mixed weapon fighting in standing, kneeling, seated and on the ground. A seamless blend. You fight where you fight.

Hand, stick, knife, gun. These are the categories of combat in the modern world of close quarter conflict. Depending upon the person or the country, I do hear people wishing to “take a pass” on a category. “Oh, I don’t like guns.” Or, “I’ll never have a knife.” Aside from the facts that all kitchens and restaurants are chock full of knives, someone simply cannot neglect or ignore any one category. Knowledge of survival mandates your familiarity with each subject. You are all-in or you are all-out! Like it, or not.

We fight enemy soldiers and criminals. They use these things against us. We counter their threats and attacks. They welcome our fear, our misunderstandings, our timidity and our ignorance. They thrive and breed in your reluctance and hesitation.” – Hock


To check out one of Hocks Seminars check the video below

So if you want to train with one of the best self defence instructors on the planet then get on the phone and book your place at The Way of the Spiritual Martial Arts

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts & Pilates Coventry


Tel: 024 76 331239

Andrew Holland


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