June 13

The Long Road Back- Inspirational Video You Must See!!


For those that don’t know me personally, I have recently suffered from perhaps the worst chest infection I have had in ten years. After about 4 weeks since feeling ill I am still using a inhaler! I was told by the Doctor to get in bed after they saw me. I had to take massive antibiotics and I was not feeling better until the last day of taking them.

Now this has caused a massive drop in fitness, energy and a desire to get fit again. My weight has shot up as you would expect. It has made me grumpy, tired and feeling low!

So I have a long road ahead. I have got to lose my weight, get my fitness back and get to where I was before.

Now sometimes, people get set backs like this and give up. They get fat, stop training and avoid the discomfort that comes in having to go over the same road again. Its a long road back. For some its just too long.As a result they chose the road that is flat, well paved and full of nice scenery.  That’s not for me! I chose the road of growth, discomfort, sweat and determination!

Now for those who are feeling like I am just look at this clip. Reach inside yourself and say “I am a warrior and warriors don’t quit!”

Check the clip and trust me you will feel inspired

click here

Andrew Holland



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